Do not expect a mid-range smartphone from OnePlus until 2021 … at least

Launched in 2015, It quickly became one of the most loved phones in the mid-range segment, combining high-end specifications of previous generation, a more attractive design than the more expensive models of OnePlus, and an even more competitive price. However, it was one of those terminals that, although all were willing to buy, almost nobody ended up doing it. This, led OnePlus to abandon it completely only one year after its launch, and scrap any plan to launch new terminals outside the high-end segment.

And so it continues to this day: the brand seems to refuse to resume the plans where it left them, despite being a firm increasingly relevant to the telephone sector. However, today for the first time in a long time, OnePlus has confirmed that do not close the door to the launch of more affordable terminals … yes, from the year 2021.

Pete Lau: at least for the next 3 years, our attention will remain on the high end

Through an interview, Pete Lau, CEO and Co-founder of OnePlus , wanted to clear some doubts from users about the recent. However, in the interview there was also a place to talk about the terminals that will arrive , including those of lower ranges.

Nevertheless, Lau hinted that the company has no plans to launch mid-range terminals in the next three years . From there, the company could study the possibility of retaking a series of devices that were born and died with the OnePlus X.

“At least for the next three years, the focus will remain the flagship, the best flagship product, what is expected from OnePlus.”

The co-founder, of course, has also taken the opportunity to comment on certain details about his latest device, and the company’s plans regarding hardware. Perhaps the most interesting thing that can be extracted from the interview is the comments from Lau about the “notch” and the “chin” of the OnePlus 6 , to which the following is commented:

“Apple has the flexible OLED screen that they have patented to be able to wrap it in the bottom of the device, which is the way they have completely removed the chin. […] In the next three years, the notch and chin will be smaller and smaller. It is very much a search for the absolute end in terms of the limitations of available technology and what can be created to look for the “full screen” experience.


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