Do not call 803406127, it’s a WhatsApp scam

Do not call 803406127, it's a WhatsApp scam

In the last hours, a good number of users ofhave reported on social networks the reception of a message that encourages them to make a call to the phone number 803406127 to, supposedly, unsubscribe from the services offered by two adult websites to which they have been subscribed during a period of one month.

But as many of you can already imagine, yes, it is another scam more that has made an appearance in the most used instant messaging platform in the world, with the sole purpose of deceiving users, while the creators of the hoax benefit due to the high cost of the calls.

A new scam appears on WhatsApp, and it can cost you more than 1.50 euros per minute

Do not call 803406127, it's a WhatsApp scam

Do not forget these tips:

We ourselves have received the message in question, which several users have already reported in. indicating that, indeed, it is a scam that during the last hours is going through the servers of the social network in search of new victims.

And in the message, the user is encouraged to call the aforementioned phone number with the prefix 803 to be able to unsubscribe from services that have never been hired. It is during the call, precisely, when the creators of the scam profit at the expense of the user, to whom you will be charged a call cost of 1.57 euros per minute if you call from your mobile -all a detail that indicates the price of the scam in the message itself-.

Therefore, if you have also received the message in question, it is most advisable that delete it immediately – without forwarding it to other users, of course – . Finally, you can also make sure


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