Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, epic battles with protagonists of drawings


The games in which you have as main characters that Disney has created always have a special appeal, both for children and adults. And, in this case, we are going to explain what it is that offers an action title that surely fits for those who have free time now. We refer to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode .

This is a development that is not especially violent, so there is no problem to be a fun option for all those who have a mobile terminal. History can not be more typical of the well-known factory of ideas: the digital world -in which are the heroes that are used- has been infected by a virus and everything possible must be done to put an end to it so that the well-known heroes of Disney can all be infected.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, epic battles with protagonists of drawings

To achieve this, you have some of the most striking characters in the American company’s films, such as Frozono, Elasticgirl and, also, Rompe Ralph. That is, in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is not lacking protagonists more than known . With them, and their skills, they have to go overcoming different missions where they will “clean up” other heroes that will become part of your arsenal. In addition, all of them can be improved with different enhancers, so do not dismiss anyone as a good “combo” is synonymous with success.

If you ask about the compatibility that it offers with the Android terminal, it must be said that this is very large . We have been able to play with devices in which the operating system is the sixth version of Google’s work. Also, you do not need much graphic power, so with mid-range smartphones it is more than possible to enjoy the game without having to give up any option. A good additional detail of this work is that it is completely translated (with some screen tabs that, surprisingly, are not).

Playing Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Well, it’s not complicated, because you just have to choose three heroes that are available and, once this is done, the level in question that costs several screens starts. In them, they are hitting successively enemies -and these to your characters- until they fall defeated one or the other. In your case, when a bar in the image of each of them is filled, it is possible to use a special blow . That’s how simple everything is and, perhaps, for some it is not spatially interactive.

Once the rivals are defeated, rewards are received ranging from the game’s own money to new insignia that can be placed on the Heroes tab so that these increase your benefits when playing Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Besides, there are specific and daily events that allow you to get more experience. Therefore, as you can see, everything is simple and intuitive, since the touch screen is where all the actions are carried out. Graphically, this work is attractive and the designs of the characters are official, which makes everything on the screen striking. The sound, in our opinion, is basically inconsequential.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, epic battles with protagonists of drawings

With the passage of the levels the difficulty increases when it comes to finding the enemies, who are other infected heroes, but as which you are recovering go to your side , you also gain their abilities – which tend to be better than the initials you have.

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Download the Disney Heroes app: Battle Mode

This game can be downloaded without any cost , but there are purchases inside, both in the store Galaxy Apps like in Play Store . Simple to use and with enough hours of game available, the truth is that it is a development for all audiences that has small role playing and that due to its adventure is a good option for when you have plenty of free time, such as holidays .

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, epic battles with protagonists of drawings

Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode in Galaxy Apps

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