Discovered the future news of Google Photos


We recently talked about Google Photos alluding to the arrival of Google Lens to the company’s application. Now we can advance the next news of Google Photos thanks to the information discovered in the last APK of the application, which affects the arrival of a new video editor.

Today Google Photos It was updated in Google Play Store, without showing any noteworthy news. This type of updates usually incorporate improvements and bug fixes, but by diving into your files you can discover future developments for the application, such as the version 3.16 of Google Photos.

All the improvements that will come to Google Photos

The latest version of Google’s photographic application once again shows that we will soon have a new video editor . And is that they have found texts that talk about tools to find clips and audio, something quite similar to what we can find in some video editors present in the markets of iOS and Android applications.

Discovered the future news of Google Photos

In fact, everything is clearer when you find the next phrase hidden between the code of the Google Photos update :

To use the new editor, you need to update the clip. The themes are no longer compatible, so you will lose the effects that you might have applied.

It seems that the clip editor will allow users to add photos and videos to a certain movie created automatically by Google Photos , at the same time that it would give the possibility to enable or disable the audio and configure the movement in those clips. Of course, you could also alter the length of the clips and change the playback order of the clips.

After reading the aforementioned sentence a couple of paragraphs above, it is quite evident that we will have a new video editor in Google Photos, but it is not the only novelty of the application that reveals the code of the last update of the program. We also find references to improvements in the search interface that could facilitate the use of the application for most users.

None of these News from Google Photos It is official, so it is not sure that they appear in future versions of the application, although everything points to it.

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