Disassembling the Oppo Find X: a hard-to-repair mobile, but very resistant


At the end of last June, the Chinese company Oppo removed a very innovative terminal from its sleeve. A device with the most powerful hardware, a screen that occupies more than 93% of the front and an innovative retractable camera system capable of hiding both the front camera and sensors, as well as its two rear cameras. The name of this device, as you know, is Oppo Find X , and today we see how the people of Myfixguide Take your tools and dismount this smartphone so we can know all its secrets.

The aspect that most attracts the attention of those responsible for Myfixguide, as is logical, is the camera system , which works to a retractable chassis mechanism (periscope they call them). The truth is that it is very interesting to see how Oppo has managed to make such an innovative idea a reality.

This is the interior of the Oppo Find X

To open the Oppo Find X have used the same system as with many other phones, heat the back to melt the glue, specifically, with a temperature of 104 degrees for 5 minutes. This section is somewhat easier than with other devices, since there is no cable that connects the back cover with the inside of the phone, something that does happen with smartphones that include a rear fingerprint reader.

The interior of the Oppo Find X seems to have been designed to achieve a perfect fit between the back and inside of it to ensure a good tightness in front of water and dust, although what is most striking is the motorized mechanism that makes the “periscope” with the cameras come alive.

It includes a motor (yellow box), two actuators (red boxes) and two coaxial cables (green boxes) that move each time the mechanism is activated. Here you can see it in movement.

Disassembling the Oppo Find X: a hard-to-repair mobile, but very resistant

One of the things that also stand out in Myfixguide is the battery , since it is difficult to get a battery of 3730 mAh in such a small space. This battery has been manufactured by ATL and remember that it is compatible with the technology VOOC 5V / 4A .

Disassembling the Oppo Find X: a hard-to-repair mobile, but very resistant

Myfixguide also highlights the complexity of the motorized mechanism of the periscope, which nevertheless is designed very conscientiously to facilitate minimal friction and a good durability thanks in part to the insulating foam that protects the most fragile elements and the base plate of the dust and water. This mechanism uses an expensive motor created by the Japanese manufacturer Nidec and uses a rotating threaded rod to keep the sliding mechanism in motion.

Another of the surprising things about Oppo Find X is the structure of the periscope, which includes a large variety of sensors among which are an infrared sensor, an infrared LED, a proximity sensor, a headset, a front camera and the dot projector (from left to right). This last projector handles 15,000 points that make possible the mapping of our face.

Disassembling the Oppo Find X: a hard-to-repair mobile, but very resistant

To finish, here is a detail of the hardware responsible for providing the power to the Oppo Find X. The red box on the right is the Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 845 and the one on the left are the 8GB of RAM. On the other hand, the green box is the 128 GB of storage manufactured by Samsung and the chip in the yellow box is a power control chip PMI8998, the same used in the Xiaomi Mi 6.

Conclusions about the design of the Oppo Find X

As far as you can see, the Oppo Find X is a very complex smartphone inside. There are a total of 41 screws inside the chassis and a large variety of small components. That does not mean that your constructive quality it is bad, on the contrary, the design is conscientious and is thought to guarantee an excellent durability in the time of the device, besides including a good cooling to dissipate the generated heat.

Disassembling the Oppo Find X: a hard-to-repair mobile, but very resistant

Therefore, we should not be afraid that the Oppo and its motorized mechanism will fail soon, something that we already discussed in this other article about the durability of the camera mechanism , but in case of breakdown, it is better to go to an official technical service and forget to leave the terminal in inexpert hands, because we can take a good disappointment.

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