The most disappointing 2017 American car market

The Consimer RePortz Foundation, which has more than 80 years of age, examines the satisfaction of car owners in the United States. The company recently introduced 10 disappointing 2017 vehicles.

Buying a new car is not easy, especially in the Iranian car market, with low-priced options available to buyers. On the other hand, by choosing the right one and paying a reasonable amount, you can use a car for many years.

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From the market in Iran, the conditions in the American competitive market are completely different, and buyers will be associated with independent institutions and real satisfaction forms. One of the most famous institutions that surveys Americans’ satisfaction with car purchases and the ranking of different models based on people’s opinion is Independent, Nonprofit, and Consumer Reports (CR). CR experts hold a survey of car owners’ satisfaction annually. Owners of the car express their opinions in 6 categories of riding quality, comfort, car value, design and appearance, sound system and ventilation system. Summing up these comments is presented as a satisfaction rating for car owners.

CR experts, summing up polls this year, announced 10 disappointing US market cars in 2017. Maybe some of the cars on the list are surprising, but they are very disappointing for American customers. In the sequel, we introduce the 10 cars in bad order to worse.

10-Dodge Grand Caravan

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

Fifth Generation Minion Popular Dodge The Grand Caravan has been launched in the US in 2008 and received updates and upgrades until today. The main rival of this Minion Chrysler Town & Country, which was replaced in 2017 with the new Pasifia model. Although the Grand Caravan is less expensive than Psyfia, Dodge’s appearance is undeniably outdated. The Grand Caravan has had a negative view of the people with low space in the second row of seats and high fuel consumption. In fact, the minion uses a V-shaped six-cylinder engine with a power of 283 horsepower, which CR tests have been the most used minivan. Grand Caravan Dodge has scored a weak point in one of the segments of the American Institute of Road Safety and Safety (IIHS) accident test; the Grand Caravan is the cheapest minivan in the US market.

9- Fiat 500

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

Fiat There are also 500 Italians who are always considered a decent city car. This compact city-powered city has an impressive acceleration thanks to its 135-horsepower turbocharged powertrain. But according to the American people, the Fiat 500 rides relatively modestly (base model) and has a very noisy cabin. Although the driver’s seat is appropriate, some owners of the car are cheated on the driver’s seat and steering position. In addition, it is difficult to ride in the rear seats and the rear trunk offers little space. Croke, Abarth and Electric 500e are better off. The Fiat 500 has recorded a lower rating in the crash test.

8- Ford Connecticut Transit

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

Engineering team Ford In the combination of focus and transit, a mini-five or seven-seater is not very successful. While the Minion Ford does not offer much space to the occupants, its decent and rugged handling is one of its positive features. Transit Connect, with its relatively modest engine power, ordinary cabs, heavy seats that are not comfortable to fit, and standard equipment is ranked eighth in the list. Contrary to other market minions, there is no connecting transit to the electric and sliding doors or the entertainment and audio system of the rear passengers, and even the Bluetooth connection is offered in the form of an option.

7. Infiniti QX60

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

Crossover The midrange Infiniti QX60 delivers spacious spaces and seamless spaces without large bodies. The QX60, built on the basis of the Nissan Pathfinder, is easy to drive, but its steering is not at all sharp and sensitive. The V-shaped 5-cylinder V-3.5-liter, with a CVT box, accelerates and delivers fuel. The new crossover has received 30 horsepower and a stretching capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes with a new update.

6. Dodge Jersey

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

The Journy Blueboard chassis looks attractive on an automobile paper, but in CR tests, the lack of agility, the cabin and the worst fuel consumption in the classroom boosts the middle class market. Additionally, the Dodge Corps has also scored poorly in the IIHS Accident Test. The positive aspects of this SUV include a good ride, low noise cabs and spacious chairs.

Nissan Versa Sedan

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

Small compartment Nissan Versa is in the sedan model, the cabin is low in efficiency and has a poorly driven design. The Nissan Versace ride is very difficult and does not have the exact steering. In front of the rear row seats, it’s easy to work with the control buttons. While the Nissan Versace is remarkable and very low, the Nissan Versa Note is far better than the Versa-Note.

4- Chevrolet Turks

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

Crossover Chevrolet Turks, which is in fact the most enjoyable version of Buick Anchor, as previously mentioned List of Cheapest Two Differential Cars With a single-axle and all-wheel drive system, the 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine is priced very well. However, there is no significant technical performance or low fuel consumption from the Chevrolet Turks. The cockpit is not enough space and the quality of the materials used is low. A rugged drive and a ride-on ride make it the fourth place in the list, due to the presence of the car. The Chevrolet Turks uses the latest generation of the OnStar and MyLink entertainment and information system; with the all-wheel drive system and other Chevrolet Turks options, much better options like Subaru Forrester is available.

3. Acura ILX

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

Compact sedan base version Acura Only with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and an eight-speed manual gearbox. The ILX Accurate is suffering from a rude, inappropriate ride and regular steering, a noisy cabin and an inconspicuous box. Chairs and the entertainment and information system are also other negative points of the sedan akora. In front of the sedan, with safety features such as an auto-emergency braking system, a blind spot warning system and an alert system for diversion.

2. Nissan Sentra

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

The latest Nissan Centra update has reduced cabin noise. The Nissan Centra sedan has a fairly rugged steering but ride quality is hard, and driving is not generally enjoyable. Riding in the center is comfortable and the driver’s view is wide. Despite the fact that the Nissan Sentra has one of the most spacious rear row seats in the sedan class, its low initial acceleration, small steering wheel panels and front seats are among the most important ones. Spotter Turbo and Nissmo versions are also available. Most Nissan Centra versions of the Nissan 2018 are standard equipped with a forward-impact crash warning system and an auto-emergency braking system.

1. Mercedes-Benz GLA

The most disappointing 2017 American car market

Hachbek Mercedes The GLA, despite its agility and agility, has negative points, such as an inconspicuous cartoon, ride, a noisy cabin, low rear-facing driver cues and a tiny space on top, which, according to the American people, is the most disappointing car in 2017. The only standard feature of the GLA is the crash-warning system from the front, and automatic emergency braking systems and blind spot checks are available as an option. Additionally, since the GLA’s entertainment and information system has become more sophisticated, it now comes with Android and Android hardware. Front axle versions and the GLA 45 are among the other models of this quadrangle.

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