Did you want some …? OnePlus Exhausts its Wireless Bullet Wireless Headphones in 3 Minutes

Did you want some ...?  OnePlus Exhausts its Wireless Bullet Wireless Headphones in 3 Minutes

So and, OnePlus has finally given free rein to the marketing of the limited version ‘Silk White’ OnePlus 6 , which was released today in the main markets of the Chinese manufacturer with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storagein his official store.

It was not the only launch of the day for Carl Pei’s boys, because today also the wireless headphones came to the end that accompanied theof the Chinese firm in its presentation,that they had made themselves beg for a little more.

It treats how not of an essential accessory in a market where it is increasingly difficult to find high-end with standard audio-jack , although the case of OnePlus is striking because Your OnePlus 6 does have the headphone jack in addition to a separate audio care with Dirac HD Sound and Dirac Power Sound technologies.

Conceived as the best wireless headphones in relation quality / price

OnePlus did not bother about introducing its headphones in society, and that the Chinese company itself said in the event that we are facing the best option in terms of quality / price of a market where the competition rises quietly of 100 euros.

The Chinese manufacturer thought that an accessory like this should be affordable but not lose quality or functions , so here we havebut with integration with Google Assistant and the fastest load ever seen in a wireless headset: 5 hours of autonomy with 10 minutes of connection to the electrical network.

The construction seems high quality although we could not prove it, and OnePlus affirms that its Energy Tube system does not cause distortions in the path of sound to the ear, so they consider their Bullet Wireless a step above the competition.

Maybe that’s why All available stock OnePlus Bluetooth headset has been sold out in Europe in just three minutes , a record of the manufacturer that has raised blisters among customers who anxiously awaited the arrival of Bullet Wireless:

If you wanted some you were late, so now it will be a matter of waiting a few more days, maybe a couple of weeks , until the Chinese manufacturer stabilizes its availability globally. Carl Pei himself has stated that they have not been able to anticipate the huge demand, and that are working hard to supply new remittance units as soon as possible to all countries.

Yes, it seems that wireless headphones are postulated as an interesting option when prices accompany, so the manufacturers of smartphones already know., But not at any price…

If you do not want to wait we also have solutions, so right hereto buy a OnePlus 6 for only 477.99 euros and some headphones Xiaomi Neckband Jaws at the modest price of 43.32 euros .

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