Deception is the word that best defines the rebirth of the legendary Palm

Deception is the word that best defines the rebirth of the legendary Palm

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There goes the pump, without anesthesia: TCL was not lying and the legendary Palm could be reborn very soon , hand in hand with Android and a very economical smartphone that would be ready for the second half of this year 2018 , since the device has already been certified by the North American FCC.

He had announced the Chinese giant – owner of the Alcatel and BlackBerry brands – in the past Mobile Word Congress 2018, but without dates or data the truth is that the industry did not know too well what we could expect from a new phone signed by Palm.

According to the FCC, Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG certifiers, where the terminal has already been sighted passing its previous exams,

Deception is the word that best defines the rebirth of the legendary Palm

Obviously it is too early to say that this is its commercial name , and that it seems more like a code name for its internal development. Yes, friends of TCL, it would not hurt to see a Palm Pepito in the market because it sounds really good

And yes, if you were thinking about it, everything looks rosy for the re-launch of a legendary firm like Palm , one of the pioneers in the PDA market and surely one of the manufacturers that has had the most to do in the takeoff of iOS and Android with ideas implemented in a webOS operating system that never came to boot and has ended in LG TVs.

Deception is the word that best defines the rebirth of the legendary Palm

Palm returns with a profile too low for its popularity

There had to be a but , and there is, in the arrival of Palm to the Android platform, and it is not precisely the software because the Pepito will be released with Android 8.1 Oreo although according to the filtered images it will come customized to look maybe too much to a mixture of mini-iPhone and iWatch that works with Android.

On the outside it will not be very different from an Apple device either, and its specifications lower Palm’s profile too much for a brand with so much weight in the industry.

3.3-inch screen with HD 720p resolution, Snapdragon 435 chipset from Qualcomm, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, 800 mAh battery, … Everything paints a smartphone too basic to think of Palm as a bet It would be in the current market , or at least in the main international markets.

Surely the idea of ​​TCL is not to compete with Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, Huawei or Xiaomi, but rather sell a good number of terminals in giant markets such as China or India , where very economical cut phones have a good exit and Palm can draw attention to its past.

We will have to wait to see it, but what does seem clear is that Palm is going to return to the ring . It is early to assess, give time, and hopefully TCL can return the credit to Palm while maintaining some of those innovative ideas that characterized them in the past .

We talk about how not to charge wireless, the task menu with slide cards or gesture navigation, all of them from a WebOS back in 2009 that ended up coming to Android and iOS. At the moment everything is disappointment but … What do you expect the rebirth of Palm under the umbrella of TCL?

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