Date and Participants of Crypto Money Meeting

Date and Participants of Crypto Money Meeting
Date and Participants of Crypto Money Meeting

At the G20 Summit next week, two separate meetings will be held on crypto currencies, and “joint decisions” will be made regarding the arrangements.

According to the media representative of the G20 Summit next week in Argentina, the first meeting on crypto money will be held on Monday. Along with other speakers, Argentine Treasury Secretary Nicolas Dujovne and Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Jose Angel Gurria will be present as speakers.

According to the representative, the second meeting will be held on Tuesday.

In addition, the agenda items and the topics to be mentioned in the two meetings have not yet been explained clearly. However, it has been stated that a public documentary will be circulated around the potential application areas of Blockchain technology and the economy effect of crypto money. Regarding the issue, “An important aspect of the meeting agenda is that participants will take joint decisions to mitigate risks without encouraging innovation.” fadeleri took place.

Again the same documentary, Blockchain technology, “It is important to have the potential to support financial participation but to analyze the effects on tax evasion activities” .

In addition, the US, Germany, France, and Japan were countries that particularly wanted to talk about crypto money and Blockchain at the G20 summit.

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