Datally, the Google app to save data is now even more useful

Datally, the Google app to save data is now even more useful

Inan application intended for Save data on our Android phones. Datally was born with the aim of helping users to know what applications installed in our mobile phone could exhaust the data of our rate, as well as to restrict their connection to avoid surprises at the end of the month. Now, Datally is an even more useful application.

From the official blog of the company, they announce us four new functions that have been incorporated in Datally , including a guest mode, the possibility of creating a daily data consumption limit, and more improvements than all Android users can try from today, and continue saving data from their rate.

Google improves Datally, the app that has already helped save an average of 21% of data

Datally, the Google app to save data is now even more useful

According to Google, since Datally was published on Google Play, the average user has saved around 21% of the mobile data of their rate, a figure to take into account given that unlimited data rates are not yet abundantly. Therefore, the intention of the great G is to continue improving this tool, based on new functions with which to make even more evident the data savings that the use of the application implies.

The first change announced by the company is a guest mode. Thanks to her, it is possible configure how many mobile data we want the person we are about to leave the mobile to use. Something very useful, for example, when giving the phone to a child to watch YouTube Kids videos.

On the other hand, the daily limit added to Datally is intended to avoid surprises at the end of the month, since it offers the possibility of choosing a maximum limit of data that may be consumed daily , and be notified if you are close to reaching this limit.

Datally, the Google app to save data is now even more useful

The third measure announced by Google is aimed at reducing the consumption of data by applications that we do not use. Thanks to Datally, the user will know what applications are installed on the device and are not used frequently, but they are still consuming data in background. Of course, the app will give us the opportunity to eliminate them completely from the smartphone.

And finally, when there are hardly any data left in our tariff but we still want to continue sailing at full speed, we can turn to Datally and its new Map of available and nearby Wi-Fi networks .- All these developments will begin to be available from today in the application, which can be downloaded through Google Play.

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