Customize Google Assistant, the not so great idea of ​​some Android manufacturers

Customize Google Assistant, the not so great idea of ​​some Android manufacturers

Some time ago that Google opened the hand announcing the possibility that manufacturers could customize voice commands in Assistant to perform specific tasks of their Android smartphones, an idea that a priori may seem great but in the long run it probably will not be so good as we all would expect. And I explain …

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Customize Google Assistant, the not so great idea of ​​some Android manufacturers

Confusing the user, the specialty of custom commands for Assistant

While on the one hand, it seems logical that each manufacturer wants to personalize even more the experience of their phones, expanding the assistant according to the added value of their software , the truth is that these extra commands have a great inconvenience that could be corrected by Google and / or the manufacturer, making clear first of all that they are exclusive commands of the Sony experience, or LG’s .

To clarify, LG has introduced 32 exclusive commands for their phones and Sony another 14 for the Xperia, among which include an “Ok Google, record a video in 4K HDR” or an “Ok Google, record a video in super slow-motion “ , Ambiguous commands that could confuse users with phones of other brands trying to make their phone make a 4K video asking Assistant.

It is not trivial, and is that users who have tried Google Home or Android Auto in their cars, have already noticed the difficulty of asking things limited to the smartphone and that do not work in the digital home or car experience , something that ends finally in the frustration of a confused user.

Adding more exclusive options will add learning curve when changing manufacturer , and will make many of us find ourselves asking a Google Assistant that works on a Samsung tasks that are only available in an Xperia, with the consequent displeasure, or even extending requests to Google Home that only an LG can do.

While we like the opening of Android, from the beginning we understood that the experience of TV, Auto or Wear OS should limit the customization to maintain a greater homogeneity for the user, so I understand what should happen with Assistant. So yes to the customization, but well explained and without generating confusion

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