CryptoKitties App buy sell virtual cats on-the ethereum blockchain


Collect and trade CryptoKitties in one of the world’s first blockchain games. Breed your rarest cats to create the purrfect furry friend. The future is meow!

CryptoKitties is one of the first app to play on BlockChain technology. Bitcoin And Ethereum currencies are digital, but CryptoKitties are digital collections. You can buy, sell, or buy your own CryptoKitties, just like ordinary cryptocurrency.

Although it may seem foolish, the CryptoKitties app can create a successful and practical use of Ethereum, which is a currency that can be collectible.

After CryptoKitties launches early in December 2017, it quickly became the most popular Ethereum app. They are so popular that they are now CryptoPuppies (for those who prefer the best ever companion of humans) and CryptoPet (which allows users to choose any type of pet that they prefer).

But some people are pessimistic about what’s new in the cryptoscope world (one Reddit user wrote about the idea of ​​Pokémon on the BlockChain: “Oh, God! No!”), Some also know CryptoKitties as the flagship of something that can be one of Platforms are the largest applications.

Some of the leading intellectuals in the BlockChain, including the founder of The LiteCoin, Charlie Lee and CEO of, named Balaji Srinivasan, believe that this app is really important because it promises that BlockChain can be used to instantly transfer the various types Assets, without a third party.

Another reason why this app can be really important is that overall clear horizons can come in handy apps.

Although it might seem strange, but your existing phalanxes that you are so interested in are powered by a strong technical standard (721) Ethereum Request for Comments 721 (ERC-721).

“For a long time, people are talking about the ERC-721, but no-one has already implemented it,” said Philippe Castonguay, director of development for the 0x Cryptocrine Exchange. CryptoKitties is the first application to do this. “He added:

The huge market is waiting for the ERC-721.

The special advantage of being

According to many Crypto developers, the ERC-721 for digital collections is much better than the ERC-20.

As the first reason, tokens written by the ERC-20 are interchangeable, which means that no tokens differ from other tokens. Just like the dollar, each dollar is no different from other dollars.

Although this feature is necessary for any kind of money, it’s not suitable for digital collections, so it’s not suitable for CryptoKitties. Because different cats must have their own unique features, including age, race, or color that is permanently and irrevocably linked to them. Because of this, it may be extremely rare to have a set of features in some cats, which will not only make it hard to find it, but also greatly increase their value.

Such a cat can be bought and sold at CryptoKitties for $110,000.

Second, the ERC-20 tokens are divisible. This means that users can turn them into smaller pieces to buy, sell, or trim.

Even though this is a very good feature for the money, it’s no good for collections. Because collectibles are exactly as they are.

In CryptoKitties, half the cat does not feel good, it’s not worth it at all.

Despite all of the above, there are still questions about the ERC-721. However, it has attracted a lot of attention. This standard is still not complete, and there are programmers who are not happy with the code they are currently.

CryptoKitties App buy sell virtual cats on-the ethereum blockchain

Castonguay, a politician, teacher and businessman, expects this standard to evolve:

This standard becomes a more powerful and acceptable standard over time.

From Punk to Kitty

The ideas behind the ERC-721 are said to be totally new and virgin, but the re-occurrence of one of the digital collections already existed.

For example, CryptoPunks produced an exclusive, non-interchangeable, unique token that was used to look for pixel pockets using Ethereum (even after a CryptoKitties, a sudden increase in the use of pancreatic cryptoscope was observed) .

After the impressive success of CryptoKitties, Startups And developers began to notice the ERC-721 standard because they saw it as a way to make it easier to use cryptoscopic assets.

One of the founders of the StarCraft LoomX, named James Martin Duffy, who works on Infrastructure Scalability for Ethereum, said: “It plans to start and run projects with this standard.”

“It’s clear to me that the ERC-721 tokens in the field of digital collections and online games have a very high potential,” he added. You can use them for digital cards. Or in an online game item in which players each have their own character. Tokens can indicate sword, armor, or any other device that your character has.

But it just does not end there. According to Duffy’s class, the ERC-721 can be used in tracking, tracking, and managing assets, such as home and car in real-world.

Duffy is not the only one who has a positive opinion about the potential of the ERC-721.

0X developers, which is a decentralized mailbox for Tokens The ERC-721 looks at the bright future in front of it and plans to add additional support for this toy soon. So that ERC-721 tokens can be truncated with ERC-20 tokens and other tokens.

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