Crypto-Based Messaging and E-commerce Ecosystem: Mingo

Crypto-Based Messaging and E-commerce Ecosystem: Mingo
Crypto-Based Messaging and E-commerce Ecosystem: Mingo

Crypto-based messaging and e-commerce ecosystem Mingo combines strength with Swirlds. The company is using Hedera Hashgraph technology developed by Swirlds to prepare the world’s fastest messaging, crypto money transfer and add-on platform.

Mingo ‘S multichannel and free messenger application collects your conversations in different messaging applications on a single platform. Mingo already supports the following applications: Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Discord, Slack, Skype and IRC Cloud. With the innovative solution developed by Mingo, the difficulty you face while trying to find your speech in these applications becomes history. Easy-to-use and simultaneous connection feature goes beyond Mingo.

“Mingo Add-on Economy” brings together authorized and trusted vendors and service providers. Mingo users can “micropay” for the products and services they receive from them. MingoCoin, considered the eco-system’s currency, stands out with ease of use. Mingo tokens are being held at MingoWallet.

Mingo CEO Joe Arthur expresses his happiness about Swirlds partnership with:

“Like all projects in the distributed notebook sector, we want to offer our users maximum speed and top-level security. Hedera Hashgraph is one of the latest technologies developed on this field and we are very excited to integrate this practice into our practice. This technology is perhaps the most powerful distributed notebook platform we’ll use to end the mess. ”

The Hedera Hashgraph platform brings a whole new approach to the distributed consensus concept: people who do not know each other and do not trust each other can cooperate and send money safely without needing any car. Due to its extremely fast and secure platform, the known platform leaves other blockchain-based platforms without requiring proof of business. Using Hedera it is very easy to develop applications on the level of existing distributed applications on the market.

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