“Cripto Para Bitcoin” Book Update 2 Released

"Cripto Para Bitcoin" Book Update 2 Released
"Cripto Para Bitcoin" Book Update 2 Released

The book “Crypto Para Bitcoin – On the Threshold of Financial Freedom” was put on the market with the updated 2nd edition.

Turkey’s first Bitcoin book consumable 1.baskı I store.coin-turk.co was offered for sale at. Via Store Bank transfer or bitcoin payment You can provide books with. Credit card If you want to buy with I Binbirçeşit.co May visit.

CoinTurk Editor-in-Chief The book, which was received by Levent Kurt in 2014 and published in the 1st edition in 2015, can be obtained from platforms such as D & R and Idefix soon after CoinTürk Store. Below you will find detailed information about the contents of the book.

"Cripto Para Bitcoin" Book Update 2 ReleasedThrough this book written in the first Turkish in the field; What is Bitcoin? How does Bitcoin work? What is Bitcoin mining? The answer was sought and the technology behind Bitcoin’s infrastructure is explained in the future. In addition, investing in Bitcoin and other crypto parcels has been tried to give useful information to investors.

The subject of Bitcoin’s structure is explained at the level that everybody can understand and there is not much room for technical deterrence. The reason for this is to try to appeal to all levels without being overwhelmed by technical details. In this framework, It is what Bitcoin is about, what innovations it will bring to the global financial system, and the way in which we can make an impact on our lives, and to guide entrepreneurs in investing in crypto money. In this sense, the book aims to include both developer and educator information for new users as well as to give different perspectives to experienced users.

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