Consumption Habits Change with INS Ecosystem

Consumption Habits Change with INS Ecosystem
Consumption Habits Change with INS Ecosystem

The world’s first centerless fruit and vegetable market INS Ecosystem announced that it has reached an agreement with PostNL, a leading logistics and postal company in e-commerce. PostNL INS, operating in the Netherlands with an annual turnover of 35.7 billion euros on the fruit and vegetable market, aims to increase INS’s share in this large market by distributing Ecosystem goods.

Peter Fedchenkov, founding partner of INS Ecosystem:

“To make the ‘direct customer’ model the first option for producers from all over the world, we must manage the supply chain as efficiently as possible and ensure that goods arrive at the right adress. At PostNL Benelux, he has proved to be rushy by catching 675,000 packages a week and averaging 8 million letters. We are very happy to partner with such a successful organization. ”

Manufacturers using the INS Ecosystem can directly reach their customers without needing retail outlets and save about 30% on their internet purchases. Consumers can reach both global and local producers, including farmers, and receive lower shipping costs.

The postal and logistics company PostNL connects the online world with the physical world. Thanks to intelligent networks, digital applications and effective communication channels, the company is expanding its service network day by day. Because it is the oldest postal institution in the Benelux countries, PostNL, which has the largest and most advanced letter, cargo and e-commerce network, also wants to have a say in the field of food logistics. A total of 44 thousand people work in the company.

It is known that 7 big companies from all over the world operating in the field of fast moving consumer goods have shown great interest in selling the goods directly to the customers. Peter Fedchenkov, CEO of INS Ecosystem, which will launch its activities this year from Holland, says:

“The partnership agreement we made in the Netherlands is a testament to the future of good times. This agreement we provide with the leading logistics company in the region on the way to revolution we want to do in the consumer goods sector is a big step for us. ”

More info on the INS Ecosystem from the project website You can reach.

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