Confirmed the Huawei terminals that update Android Pie in November


The Huawei company has confirmed in a first list the first smartphones that will receive the update of its operating system to the Android Pie version of Google’s development for mobile devices. We indicate the chosen models and the date on which the deployment of the new firmware will begin.

In the information, which is completely official , both the gaming segment ). The case, is that there are nine devices with which the disembarkation of Android Pie will begin in the terminals of the brand and, evidently, it will not lack the EMUI development that, in this case, reaches its ninth version .

The date on which the new version of the operating system will begin to arrive to the Huawei devices is the following: November 10 – what is to be seen if the launch is global or begins with China, and then deployed for the rest of the regions-. The case, is that there is not much to enjoy Android in the terminals of this firm (which, of course, begins with those who are part of the high or medium / premium). This is the list of the chosen models:

Confirmed the Huawei terminals that update Android Pie in November

Some of the innovations in Android Pie for Huawei

This is known because the new models of the range already include this version of the operating system and the mentioned EMUI development, so it is more or less clear what the devices will achieve. An example is that it improves the response time and start of applications , something that is noticeable in developments such as Chrome or the own management of the camera – this last one is quite important. In addition, models that include a , take better advantage of the learning options when using the terminal.

Confirmed the Huawei terminals that update Android Pie in November

Additionally, and apart from the improvements of Android Pie, the Huawei devices that will be updated this November will allow advanced actions such as screenshots with just one click or an improved MultiVentana system (without forgetting that several system tools , like for example of control of consumption they also realize of a more efficient form their work).

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