Companies Want to Use Bitcoin in Financial Transactions

Companies Want to Use Bitcoin in Financial Transactions
Companies Want to Use Bitcoin in Financial Transactions

According to a survey, the business community is looking to Bitcoin transactions to lower transaction costs and reduce its dependence on central authorities. But again, according to the same survey, many companies fear Bitcoin use is the target of cyber attacks.

According to the survey Companies say “Yes” to Bitcoin

Neustar Inc. A poll by the Neustar International Security Council, launched by the global cyber security experts forum, shows that the business sector is willing to accept Bitcoin. Research shows that 80% of companies want to use crypto-cash for transfer transactions. In addition, 48% of companies surveyed also think that using crypto-currencies will increase the value of their businesses.

However, according to the survey, 80% of the companies are concerned about the risk of Ddos attacks that can be realized when they are beginning to use Bitcoin. Twenty-six percent of companies think that crypto money, which can be usurped by ransomware attacks, pose a great risk to the business world. However, despite these security concerns, 50% of UK companies have crypto-currency stocks, according to recent research.

Cybercriminals Using Ransomware for Bitcoin Grip

Bitcoin-based companies are at first worried about sophisticated attacks such as ransomware, which hackers can arrange. NISC and Neustar vice president and Fellow chairman Rodney Joffe, “Ransomware and Ddos attacks continue to be the biggest threat they face because of their seriousness, complexity and potential severity. This poses a financial threat to the growing companies. ” in the interpretation.

Joffe commented, “We’ll see that hackers are taking advantage of Ransomware or Ddos attacks to distract companies. At the same time, we will witness large amounts of financial data stealing requests, such as Bitcoin or other crypto-money that is becoming increasingly popular. But with more consistent security strategies, companies will be able to protect critical information in long and short walks by identifying the most sensitive data, processes and models. ” ends with words.

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