CoinTurk Increases Your Power With Your Support in the 5th Year

CoinTurk Increases Your Power With Your Support in the 5th Year
CoinTurk Increases Your Power With Your Support in the 5th Year

In this journey we started in March 2014, we left 4 years behind and entered our 5th year. With the great support from our readers every day it grows more among the pioneers in Turkey crypto money eco-system.

We want to share some statistics with you in these 5th year.

As CoinTurk, we publish 10 daily articles with a 10-member author team. The number of users who visit our site daily is around 30,000, this figure shows that the crypto blockcha money and technology in Turkey is no longer important how.

On the other hand, the number of monthly page views we can express with thousand figures in our early times is now reaching millions, exceeding 1,500,000 per month by 2018. cointürk, while Alexa 50b in the first place in the world rankings, while Turkey ranks among the top 2b of the site.

From 2014 onwards; we published more than 3000 articles in different categories such as current news, research articles, technical analysis and research articles. During this time, we received tens of thousands of emails from you and we responded as many as we can. In social media, the number of followers has exceeded 1Bi.

In CoinTurk Store, which is in operation in 2016, physical coins ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ), books, collection products, t-shirts and hardware wallets.

Also located under the roof of the company I with which we have consulted hundreds of different users and participated in numerous trainings at universities. Our team has participated in numerous conferences and seminars until this turning point which we left behind the 4th year and tried to inform and raise awareness and keep on working.

To do our best as individuals committed to this system and you’ll also continue to raise awareness of the Bitcoin community with the support of Turkey.

I would like to thank all the readers who did not leave us alone in this journey.

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