CoinTürk Distributes 1 mBTC (0.001) Per Comment!

CoinTürk Distributes 1 mBTC (0.001) Per Comment!

UPDATE: This Campaign has been terminated by the year 2016.

Is it just Bitcoin enthusiasts in Turkey both have a place you can win your concern with both Bitcoin Bitcoin? As far as we know NO!

Bitcoin has an increased connotation if the systematically gains are shared. For this reason, many bitcoin-oriented sites and businesses in the world sometimes share part of the proceeds with users in the ecosystem with various “giveaway” programs. In Turkey so far been taken in this regard institutional and any attempt to bring the voice did not come to our ears. At this point;

As CoinTurk, what can we do in this regard?

CoinTürk Distributes 1 mBTC (0.001) Per Comment!

We thought long. “With the number of entrepreneurs will not exceed the fingers of one hand in order to improve their habits in Turkey Bitcoin is not easy to do something!” we said. But it is not possible for us to escape, which is like a mountain in the future. Bitcoin eco system encouragement , support and with patience grow and grow. We also decided to make a drop on our own as a CoinTurk family. Of course, doing this would have advantages and disadvantages for us. We decided to leave the possible advantages for now and put all the disadvantages under the stone. What are the disadvantages?

The first disadvantage, we will distribute Bitcoin! (we will do so in considerable quantities without any preconceived notion of what will happen)

Second, we will have to face a lot of criticism with the general Turkish user prejudice. (Let’s assume we have a production that likes unrequited earnings!)

Third, in return we will give all labor and overtime to move perhaps even a leaf eco-system in Turkey.

Are we going to give up despite this? Of course no! First of all, as we all know, we enjoy and hold We’re doing. CoinTurk’s survival and development business and we are taking steps accordingly. We can say that you too gave it away.

Now it’s our turn .. cointürk grow as our goal and our newcomers grows you and call all of Turkey to grow their Bitcoin enthusiasts. We know it’s not easy to accomplish this. New to CoinTurk Free Chair We built it for it. We can talk about everything here. We want to be an environment where you can find new projects, ideas and financial support. Attendance to the standing committee of the test phase will only be possible with an invitation. Because we want to be “the ones who have the right to speak here are really the idea of ​​developing the system”.

We are about Bitcoin in Turkey able to create successful software brain, can do great sites Web masters are in Turkey can develop bitcoin trade wonderfully investors and operators know very well. Come together to focus on the technology, with prices for a while, let the leadership of Turkey’s adaptation to the new Bitcoin.

CoinTurk membership invitation all of our users from now on under the following conditions On the “Free Tribune” they will win the bitcoin for every comment they make. Our readers who do not receive invitations but want to be involved in this process Application Form the invitation may send a request. After the necessary evaluation is done, the invitations will be sent to the selected readers.

Free Tribune Giveaway Terms:

  1. Your membership information needs to be fully updated. In particular, a valid BTC address must be found.
  2. Please take care to throw out comments that are constructive, developer, suggestive and encouraging. (You will also appreciate the comments “Greeting, thank you, or written to be written” that we will not include in the payment system, but this does not mean that you do not thank anyone or congratulate you.
  3. The aim of the Free Tribune, a knowledge base on quality and development oriented exchanges to become. So we are trying to choose our members for you. Please pay attention to using the Kürşüyü. Do not translate comments and articles. Your comment writers limited but always remember that you write on a platform that is read and followed by many curious.
  4. For now moderation will be carried out by us. However, we can get “moderator” support later on.
  5. The main objective here should be to make money, it should be discussed all the comments made on behalf of Turkey to take steps useful for Bitcoin Adaptation.
  6. Members who think that they are abusing this work will be suspended and payment will not be made.
  7. made every comment or new thread + comment I am a member of 0.001 BTC It will be paid. Payments will be made when the 0.01 BTC point is reached.
  8. As you will appreciate, we have launched a clear, unrestricted giveaway. We reserved a considerable budget for this. But of course not unlimited. If the first stage budget is exceeded, we will evaluate whether to continue or not in terms of the conditions of the day.
  9. As the name implies, you can freely discuss and develop the idea you want. However, we are always pleased if you are careful to respect other members’ personal rights and opinions.
  10. We are waiting for you to be constructive and supportive at times that may be experienced because it is a new program.

UPDATE: This Campaign has been terminated by the year 2016.

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