CoinCola, one of the best applications to trade with cryptocurrencies

CoinCola, one of the best applications to trade with cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies have become very popular in recent years, and more and more people are launching to invest in this market due to the great short-term profitability of this type of investment.

Today we are going to show you an application for your mobile – be it Android or iOS -, with which you can manage and trade with your cryptocurrencies at any time, and which, in addition, has very interesting extras such as low exchange rates or rewards for invite friends, his name is CoinCola and these are his best qualities.

Do you want to trade with cryptocurrency? CoinCola is one of the best options to do it from your mobile

As we have anticipated, today we are going to show you an application, called” dedicated to the trade> with which you will be able to buy instantly thanks to its platform, and in a totally secure way thanks to the encryption of banking level with which account the application.

You can use CoinCola as a digital wallet, and so keep changing the cryptocurrencies that you have in your possession instantly. The cryptocurrencies that CoinCola admits are:

  • BTC (bitcoin)
  • ETH (ethereum)
  • BCH (bitcoin cash)
  • LTC (litecoin)
  • USDT (tether)

It is true that the handling of five cryptocurrencies may seem little, but the truth is that these are the ones that move the most money every day. In addition, the application offers a customer service 24 hours, both by email and live chat, a luxury in case you have an issue or important question.

CoinCola, one of the best applications to trade with cryptocurrencies

How to buy Bitcoin and other crypts with CoinCola

CoinCola, one of the best applications to trade with cryptocurrencies

It is very simple. First of all, you must register for free in the Account> Login / Register section . Once you have your credentials (mobile phone number and password), just log in to the app. Now, to use all the functions of the application, you must have virtual coins in your purses. To do this, from where you have purchased or stored the cryptocurrencies you must transfer them to your CoinCola wallet.

This is easy. On the platform where you have your investments you can send a certain amount of BTC, ETH, LTC or the rest to your CoinCola wallet . You just have to go to the Portfolio> Deposit section where you will get a unique and non-transferable address. That is the address to which you must send your crypts from the other platform. If you want to withdraw earnings, just go to the option of Portfolio> Withdraw to enter another valid address from an external wallet from which you can take your FIAT money to your bank account .

How you can make money with CoinCola

In addition to trading cryptocurrencies, exchanged for each other depending on the market values ​​of each, CoinCola has a rewards program. This works, like the app, in a very simple way. You just have to invite your friends to join the app and register through your QR code or your invitation link . The more orders you make and the more movement your referrals have, the more money you can earn. Up to 1 BTC you can store thanks to this program of invitations.

Download CoinCola for iOS

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