Coinbase to be Tried for Non-Returning Crypto Money

Coinbase to be Tried for Non-Returning Crypto Money
Coinbase to be Tried for Non-Returning Crypto Money

The crypto money market has been sued by users at Coinbase. A mass case file was presented to the Northern California District Court. According to the allegation contained in the file, Coinbase did not return the crypto money sent by e-mail but not counted to the receivers for years.

The defendants are estimated to be thousands and the plaintiffs are represented by a San Diego-based attorney’s office named Restis Law. William R. Restis, the head of the Restis Law, said:

” The crypto money industry is still matured. That’s why I feel it’s a problem. Coinbase’s fault is probably careless. I hope this case encourages Coinbase to do the right thing. ”

Coinbase users can send bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and litecon by email. An information e-mail is sent to the recipient and a link is provided for the crypto money sent to the account. Thanks to the link, the recipient opens the Coinbase account and gets the crypto money. Unfortunately, these emails can get away with it. The defendants claim that Coinbase has kept itself secret rather than sending the sender back to the crypto money that does not reach the buyer.

Claimant Timothy G. Faase sent 0.10 bitcoin in 2013. In 2013, the bitcoin value was often below a thousand dollars. The notification e-mail was standing in Faa’s comfy box that day. He wanted to put the e-mail into the account of the newly-discovered Faase bitcoins. However, the link in the notification lost its validity and therefore could not reach the Faase bitcoins.

According to plaintiffs, California laws support the plaintiffs’ claims. After sending Coinbase, it was necessary to process the crypto money that did not go through the account and return the crypto money to the sender.

The defenders are still in a moderate attitude to Coinbase; They say they will continue to use Coinbase if they can get their bitcoins back.

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