Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

Hello friends of WebChaat! This week I come back with an article that you’re sure to love, because you probably do not know it yet. Its about chroming, the makeup technique of the moment.

The birth of new makeup techniques is unstoppable, and this time it is chroming, ideal for Illuminate your features with a unique shine. This is what you can not miss about this new technique:

  • What is chroming?
  • Chroming: user manual
  • The best products for chroming

If you are interested in this new technique, read on. We start!

What is chroming?

The new makeup techniques using regular products in your vanity case remain unstoppable. Every little time we discover new ideas that come in handy when it comes to making our look. Now it’s the turn of the ‘Chroming’, an ideal technique to illuminate your features with a special shine .

What is chroming? This technique is similar to strobing, but comes stomping to replace it. If this technique was to apply illuminator in strategic areas of the face to achieve a natural look, now is the time to use your lipstick as an illuminator .

Chroming consists of applying lipstick on your cheekbones, bones of the forehead and eyelids to highlight them, give them shine and a little tan.

Did you ever think that your lipstick could be so versatile? Of course, if you are going to use this technique, it is better to use light and bright colors, to give natural light to the face.

The birth of this technique is due to Dominic Skinner, a makeup artist from the MAC house . This professional shared a photograph in his instagram in which his model sported defined and illuminated cheekbones thanks to a lipstick in golden tones.

This was the beginning, although as of that moment all the make-up artists began to use it, being one of the better ways to illuminate certain points of the face and thus get more marked features.

Now that you know what chroming is, the time comes for you to know How does it apply .

We continue!

Chroming: user manual

If you do not want your budget to go off or you find yourself in a desperate situation (without your make-up kit), chroming can be your great ally. With just a lipstick You can get a face worthy of professional makeup artists.

What lipstick do you have to use? One of nude color (or light pink), which has a pearly or glossy finish . As explained from Loreal Paris, it is better to use creamy textures, since they fade more easily on the skin.

For clear skin, the most suitable shade is a pinkish glow, while for dark skin a clear nude tone will enhance its luminosity.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

Now that you have everything you need to light up your face, these are the steps you must follow to implement the chroming :

  • Apply your makeup base (fluid or cream) and the concealer first. Once this is done, it is time to apply the points of light.
  • Apply the lipstick directly on your skin in the following areas: the upper area of ​​your cheekbones, eyelids and lower arch of the eyebrows.
  • Blend the product with your fingertips since your body heat will heat the product and it will be much easier to extend.
  • Do not apply any other product on top of the lipstick, since your makeup will look muddy.

Of course, if you have oily or mixed skin, you should stop and think about the consistency of the lipstick you are going to use, as it will accentuate the shine of your face. You can eliminate this extra fat with masks or exfoliants. If you think that your skin will not resist the lipstick well, you can do the technique with another product: the Illuminator in compact powder format .

This is all. You already have your chroming ready! Have you seen how easy it is? The best thing about this technique is its versatility, since it is perfect both for sophisticated night looks and for your daily makeup, providing you with a extra juiciness Irresistible. Put into practice chroming and fall in love with its illuminating power ?

I leave you these videos so you can see how it’s done ?

Once you know this makeup technique, now it’s time to know what products are the best to elaborate it.

Keep reading!

The best products for chroming

We reached the last point of the post. After knowing the origin and all the keys of chroming, the new makeup technique that has swept the best catwalks, it’s time to know what products you should use at the time of Make it yourself.

These are some of my suggestions. I hope you like them! ?

  • Luminous Lips Lipstick, by Catrice. Its glossy finish is perfect for this technique. The medium pigmentation tones in feminine and romantic colors such as nude, pink, fuchsia and red favor any type of skin. And the best, the formula with hyaluronic acid for a soft sensation.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Smooch Pink Lipstics, from W7 . These shades will be perfect for chroming on the lightest skins. Its highly pigmented color will last you all day. Discover your ideal tone among its great variety!

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Lipstick Renaissance, by Makeup Revolution . Its high pigmentation texture and its nudes and pink colors are ideal for this technique.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Joli Rouge Lipstick, by Clarins. Creamy texture and intense colors. Ideal!

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Color Sensational Intti Mattes, by Maybelline . Super creamy that adapt to the tone of your lips and skin. Their shades are ideal for medium or dark skin.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Fashion Lipsticks The Nudes, by W7 . These lipsticks, very creamy and moisturizing, are a good choice for chroming thanks to its variety of earth tones.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Loose lighting powders by Makeup Revolution. These loose illuminating powders will leave a radiant finish on your skin, since you can use them in different ways, and it is available in five shades, for all skin types.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Powder illuminator Accord Parfait, L’oreal Paris. Thanks to the Veil of Light technology, which is composed of an aqueous gel, hybrid pigments and the new generation of pearls; Your skin will be fresh and illuminated. You will love its smooth texture that blends with the skin without problem.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Illuminating powders My Must Haves, by Essence. Its high pigmentation allows natural lighting in a single pass.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Illuminator Deluxe Glow, by Catrice . It contains beneficial components such as vitamin E and jojoba oil. Its range of pastel colors such as gold, pink or bronze, will bring a unique luminosity to your eyes.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

  • Illuminator Cheeky Pop, 2B. This compact powder illuminator is especially indicated to highlight your face leaving a soft shine. The soft texture with gold and silver particles allows easy application.

Chroming, the makeup technique of the moment

What do you think? Thanks to its creamy texture and glossy finish you will get a perfect face. They are specially selected to adapt to the tones that this technique requires!

Now that you know everything about the chroming , I say goodbye until next week. I’ll be back with more tricks!

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