Chrome Duplex, the great novelty of Chrome beta 66 for Android


Google does not stop updating its browser for mobile devices. If a few weeks ago we told you about the arrival of Chrome 65 loaded with news, now it’s the turn of Chrome Beta 66 for Android that has just been published in the Play Store with a very interesting novelty: Chrome Duplex.

Well, it really is not a novelty, but rather the replacement of Chrome Home, the new interface that arrived a few months ago to Google’s browser for phones and tablets. And now Google Chrome Beta 66 for Android comes with a new feature, Chrome Duplex that seems to be the successor of Chrome Home.

Chrome Duplex, the great novelty of Chrome beta 66 for Android

This is Chrome Duplex, the new feature of Chrome Beta 66 for Android

Remember that Chrome Home was an experience that Google decided to try on Android . To do this, the navigation bar went to the bottom of the browser to facilitate its use in devices with very large screens.

Shortly after arriving at Chrome, this function was configured as standard in Chrome Beta although it never reached the stable version of the browser for Google mobile devices. And it seems that it will not come.

And it is that Chrome Duplex appeared in Chrome Canary, the beta version of your browser for desktop computers, just over a month ago. And now it comes to the latest Chrome beta for Android. What does this mean? That Chrome Duplex will most likely end up being the function that lands in the definitive version of Google Chrome.

Chrome Duplex, the great novelty of Chrome beta 66 for Android

Say that Chrome Duplex is a new re interface design which replaces the idea of ​​the address bar at the bottom. The reason? It seems that users have not finished getting used to this system.

What he does now Chrome Duplex in Chrome beta 66 for Android It is to have two different components. On the one hand we have the search bar at the top while at the bottom we will now have a drop-down where we can see the most visited websites, in addition to the bookmarks of the pages we have recently accessed.

Finally we leave the link so you can d escargar chrome Beta 66 for Android and try out the new Chrome Duplex feature. Do you think this design is more effective than the previous one?

Download Chrome Beta 66 from the Google Play Store

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