Chrome 67 finally comes to Android: these are all the news

Chrome 67 finally comes to Android: these are all the news

After beginning its deployment on the main desktop platforms, version 67 ofland today on Android through Google Play . The latest edition ofpar excellence brings interesting news for users, such as a new tabbed menu with horizontal format, as well as improvements for the developers.

The update has been announced through the, where in addition all the improvements and novelties that it incorporates in its edition for the operating system of the green android are detailed. In this article we review each and every one of the new features you should know about Chrome 67 for Android.

All Chrome 67 news for Android, now available on Google Play

The first major change in this version, which probably many were already using at this point through one of the trial versions of the app, is the change of format in the menu overview of open tabs. As we have seen in recent weeks, this new format changes the type of layout in vertical scroll, to move to show all tabs open like a horizontal carousel , much more similar to the menu of recent Android P applications

Although this change is not active by default, it is enough to access the address chrome: // flags from the browser, look for the option # enable-horizontal-tab-switcher , activate it, and restart the browser. Once opened again, the tab menu will be arranged horizontally.

Another interesting and highly anticipated novelty is the arrival of WebXR API . Despite having been announced in 2016, and adopted immediately by Chrome and Firefox, it has not been until version 67 of the Google browser when users can take advantage of their capabilities. This API intends Unify the virtual reality experience on the web, offering support for all types of glasses and helmets , from the simplest to the most expensive and advanced.

From this version, it is already possible to take advantage of this API by activating the flag setting #webxr . Once this is done, you will be able to access the first demonstrations in virtual reality, using any type of helmet.

Chrome 67 finally comes to Android: these are all the news

The next novelty is destined to end the passwords once and for all. Web Authentication API is enabled by default in Chrome 67, and according to W3C itself is defined as an API that enables the creation and use of credentials based on public keys stronger and more accessible in web applications, to strengthen the authentication of users. Or what is the same, l a possibility to use PINs, fingerprint readers, bluetooth devices and more, to be able to log in to web pages that you visit daily . Despite this, I am afraid that we will have to wait until all the browsers adopt this API, and the websites decide to offer the user the possibility of identifying themselves through new methods other than passwords.

A change that probably will not affect too much Android users, is the arrival ofto the desk . Thus, users of Chrome OS, MacOS or Windows, will be able to send web pages to your home screen and run them as if they were applications.

The rest of the novelties in this version are mainly aimed at developers , and all of them are available in the. The latest version of the browser can now be downloaded from Google Play , although if you use Chrome every day, you probably already have the new edition installed.


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