Chinese Retailer JD Improves Food Safety with Blockchain

Chinese Retailer JD Improves Food Safety with Blockchain
Chinese Retailer JD Improves Food Safety with Blockchain

According to Business Insider’s report on March 3rd, Chinese e-commerce giant has begun using Blockchain technology to track the supply chain in meat sales.

JD said that thanks to this technology, customers will be able to track customers’ meat products until they reach them from their farm. With this new system that will be in service later in the spring, customers will be able to see how the meat grows, which cuts are carried out and under what conditions.

In China, there have been events that have seriously threatened human health related to meat products in recent years. For example, in August 2016 there were 319 pigs infected with banned drugs in southeastern China. Since blockchain technology allows the roots of ethnicity to rise within seconds, such situations will largely disappear and customer confidence will be at the upper end.

Chen Zhang, JD Senior Technology Officer, “Consumers in China do not just want quality imported products. At the same time they want to know where and how these products come from. We offer our customers the opportunity to provide this inner comfort with Blockchain technology. ” in his interpretation.

In addition to JD, Walmart, an American retail giant, began working on a Blockchain-based platform for food products in partnership with IBM for the past year. JD, Walmart and IBM, along with Tsinghua University, are also members of the China Blockchain Food Security Alliance.

In addition, Blockchain technology is a blessing presented to food suppliers for the detection of foodborne illnesses. With this technology, suppliers can quickly identify the source of contaminated products and avoid large waste of recalls.

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