Chinese mobiles star in the list of AnTuTu with the most powerful mobiles


Once again we find the usual monthly list of AnTuTu where highlights the most powerful phones of the moment or, better said, the phones that score higher in their performance test. Once again the Chinese phones give the “do chest” and are placed as one of the most powerful terminals of the month of September.

If the left us the Xiaomi Black Shark as the most powerful smartphone of the summer, followed by the , the thing has not changed much with the arrival of autumn. Both Chinese mobile phones dominate the AnTutu list and it is not until the third position that we find the first variation of the list. The Asus ROG Phone reaches a score of 291.217, replacing on the podium the Smartisan R1 that drops to a fourth place.

This is the complete list with the most powerful smartphones of the past month:

Chinese mobiles star in the list of AnTuTu with the most powerful mobiles

The Chinese mobiles, in the lead

The Vivo NEX S achieves just over 287,971 points, practically the same as the Xiaomi Mi Explorer Edition and the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, another of the innovations that enter the list of AnTuTu these days with 286.143 points. Just behind we have the OnePlus 6 with 286,006 points and the Oppo Find X in ninth position reaching the not inconsiderable figure of 284,695 points. Close the listing another mobile of Xiaomi, the fourth that sneaks between the most powerful phones of the moment . This time we talked about the Xiaomi Mi 8 and its 283,117 points.

Chinese mobiles star in the list of AnTuTu with the most powerful mobiles

Changes on the horizon?

Chinese mobiles are powerful, of that there is no doubt. Another thing is how to behave their batteries and their cameras because the perfect smartphone must find a balance between performance, camera, energy and design, in addition to the price. It is expected that the list of AnTuTu radically change next month when the most powerful smartphones are collected in October, because this month has been one of the most prodigal in terms of phone launches.

Seeing that neither the nor the iPhone XS Max make an appearance , curiously, in the top 10 of AnTuTu , we can expect that in a few mobile days like the or the come to swell this catalog with those that, today, are the mobile phones that offer the best performance in the market.

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