Chicken and salmon, why are the favorites for diets?

A healthy diet should be useful to achieve two major objectives: change your current weight and improve your health. For it it is necessary to include macronutrients that contribute to the achievement of this healthy goal .

Thus, two of the favorites for diets are chicken and salmon.

Do you know why these two ingredients are always among the recommendations of nutritionists? If not, read on, here we will tell you.

Reasons why chicken is a favorite for healthy diets

Provide phosphor

Chicken and salmon, why are the favorites for diets?

The chicken has an adequate amount of match , so that it is a fundamental element of a healthy diet.

  • Strengthens bones and teeth .
  • It also helps with the health of the kidneys, nourishes the muscles and works with the nervous system .

Phosphorus is a component that is not affected by chicken preparation, although we recommend avoiding using excess fat.

It has the necessary amounts of selenium in a healthy diet

It is one of the few foods that has a large amount of selenium , a very useful component for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

  • This means that the chicken protects the body from infections and other pathogenic elements that can put your health in danger .
  • It also improves the fertility of both men and women.

Although there are medications to keep selenium in the body, it is preferable to consume it through natural sources and nothing better than a good dish with chicken to achieve it.

Its fat content is minimal

Chicken and salmon, why are the favorites for diets?

Being a white meat, it is easy to extract its fats while preparing, which transforms it into the lightest meat and one of the favorites for diets.

  • If you prepare the chicken in the oven you allow the fat to be eliminated and you get a light and nutritious dish.
  • If you prepare a baked or roasted chicken and it is complemented with citrus, you will get a delicious and healthy dish.

Although it seems fatty and you think it will get fat, it is really a light dish and an excellent source of protein and minerals.

Promotes the health of your skin and eyesight

Because chicken provides a large amount of Vitamin B2, it accelerates weight loss and your visual capacity.

For the conservation of this vitamin it is better to store the chicken in cold places when it is raw. This is because the vitamin B2 It is damaged very quickly with heat .

When preparing the chicken, it is important to eat it immediately. The reheated chicken can completely lose its vitamin properties .

Benefits of including salmon your diet

Chicken and salmon, why are the favorites for diets?

Salmon has become one of the favorites for diets because it contains high amounts of omega 3. This is one of the most important natural acids to maintain the health of your heart.

Thus, regular consumption of salmon improves the circulatory system and reduces triglycerides.

Another advantage of eating salmon is that can lower the level of cholesterol . To really get this benefit, remember to avoid adding more fat at the time of cooking.

Usually just put the salmon in the pan and add a little salt and pepper. This fish already contains a good amount of natural fats.

The brain is nourished considerably when consuming salmon. Thanks again to omega 3, it strengthens your cognitive capacity, improves reflexes and helps memory.

If you have a history of Alzheimer’s, it is advisable to include salmon in your diet on a regular basis. A medium piece of medium salmon is recommended once a week.

  • For those who are studying or who, due to their work, should remember a lot of information, consuming salmon will make a big difference. That’s because their fatty acids improve the function of your brain .

While it helps each of the senses, its greatest strength is sight. Yes, Remember to wear glasses when you spend a lot of time in the sun . This will prevent your eyes from being damaged by the effects of UV rays.

Salmon is a white meat very low in negative fats. Thanks to its low fat content and the nutritiousness of its meat, it is one of the favorites for diets.

The best thing is that you can eat it only with a little lemon or prepared with some more complex sauce. Ideally, do it with a good mix of vegetables .

Take care of your health

In a healthy diet it is important to have all the food groups and you should not exclude the consumption of meats . White meats and fatty fish are two nutritious and healthy options that you should include in your meals.

As you may have noticed, there are good reasons why both ingredients are favorites for diets. Tell us how you like to eat these meats and what are your best recipes.

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