Check that the manual mode of the Pocophone F1 camera does not work correctly


The telephone of the 329 euros that so much has liked between the public, has harvested very positive evaluations with the analyzes realized after its launching. And reasons are not lacking, since the Pocophone F1 has great conditions to face all kinds of demands in the current scenario.

Excellent processor, good camera, good design, however, it seems that you can still find some errors that can be rectified via software, since as we have seen in Movilzona , the camera software is not working correctly in the shooting mode manual.

The manual mode of the Pocophone F1 makes mistakes in the preview of the image

As you can see in the following video posted in our forum, the manual mode of the Pocophone F1 is having problems when manually adjusting values ​​such as exposure time or ISO sensitivity. The problem can be seen quickly as it affects the preview of the image, since as it happens in other phones on the market, changing these values ​​immediately affect the image we see on the screen before shooting.

Although this image is not 100% similar to the one obtained, it serves to check how the configured values ​​are affecting so as to have an idea of ​​how the photograph will turn out before shooting. After all, that’s what an image preview is all about, is not it?

Check that the manual mode of the Pocophone F1 camera does not work correctly

Well, although the adjustment of targets and the focus work correctly, the exposure time and ISO sensitivity do not affect the preview at any time, so we will not be able to know if we are overexposing or underexposing the scene until we do the shot. This is not something that matters in the world of digital photography, because we can shoot as many times as we want, however, it will affect at times when we depend on the speed of action and a limited number of attempts (that bird you wanted capture has gone flying, and it’s already late).

A problem with easy solution

Everything points to that these calculation errors are due to a simple bad adjustment (it may not be or implemented) in the software, so a system update would be more than enough to eliminate the problem at the root. Some users have already reported the same problem in the official forums of the brand, and we in our case have restored the terminal to clear all kinds of doubts.

We’ll see if Xiaomi responds quickly to the problem and release an update soon, but meanwhile you’ll have to pull intuition … or shoot automatically.

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