Cheap Chinese phones, is it still worth buying one?

Cheap Chinese phones, is it still worth buying one?

Cheap Chinese mobiles have been in the spotlight for a few years, because, a priori, they usually seem a decent option for the little -very little- that sometimes cost, although Maybe there are other alternatives of higher quality for a price not much higher.

However, despite its greater popularity a few years ago, Right now we do not believe that these are the great alternatives that were once. So today we are going to talk to you about whether it is still worth buying a cheap Chinese mobile.

Is it worth buying a cheap Chinese mobile?

Before answering the question of whether it is worth buying a cheap Chinese phone, we want to make clear that, when we classify a terminal as “cheap Chinese mobile”, we refer to terminals of “un-Westernized” companies, so to speak. That is, the terminals of Xiaomi or Huawei would be excluded in favor of the Cubot, Doogee or Leagoo.

Cheap Chinese phones, is it still worth buying one?

For a price lower than one hundred euros, these types of companies have terminals that are impossible to compare with those of other companies because of their very low price. A classic example is thea terminal with pretty decent a priori specifications -Snapdragon 652, 3 GB of RAM, Full HD screen-, but that still has Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which impoverishes the purchase, Compared with some BQ, Xiaomi or Huawei smartphones a little more expensive.

In this case, the best you can do is distrust a bit of these prices so succulent, for less than 100 euros it is difficult to go to find any jewel. This type of terminals will always have some relevant defect, either an old processor -or a MediaTek, which is not very recommendable if compared to a comparable Qualcomm-, an outdated version of Android, or a low resolution screen.

Cheap Chinese phones, is it still worth buying one?

However, for a little over one hundred euros, around 130 or 150, and yes we will be able to find terminals that, Despite being maybe 50 euros more expensive than the low range you were looking at, it will provide a marginal value that is well worth that expense. We can assure you.

Currently, the price range that we recommend most when buying an average range is 150 euros.

We refer to terminals such asor thetwo of the best mid-range that we can find right now in the market, which we have already talked about, and for which it is worth paying the difference, since we are acquiring competent and current smartphones, not average ranges of two years ago.

Cheap Chinese phones, is it still worth buying one?

In conclusion, we can say without fear of making mistakes that, right now, for less than 100 euros, we are going to find mid-range Chinese phones outdated, but with decent hardware, or low-end Chinese terminals. Therefore, our advice is to save a little more -Whenever it is possible-, since, maybe investing 40 or 50 euros more you can buy a much better terminal.

In the end, there are many Chinese brands dedicated to the low-end and mid-range, but if Xiaomi and Huawei are the most recommended and purchased outside the borders of the Asian country, it’s for something. Trust the brands that have gained some credibility, and that saving you fifteen euros does not blind you.


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