Changing the screen of the iPhone Xr will cost 220 euros


If you have ever lived in your own flesh the fateful moment in which a mobile phone rushes to the ground and its screen explodes shattering, you will know that the next step is to ask how much your repair bill amounts to. And that’s when the real pain comes.

It is a problem that affects many phones today, which marvel at design and modern lines but which suspend as far as reparability is concerned. The infinite edge screens have much to do with that aspect, and if we add the technique of gluing the panel with the glass to obtain better viewing angles, the result is an almost impossible component to replace that increases the repair costs . Apple’s iPhone is especially known for these problems, and now with the new iPhone Xr, users will be interested to know when it costs to replace the Liquid Retina screen of the iPhone XR in case of breaking. Well, let’s tell you about it.

How much does it cost to replace the screen of an iPhone XR?

Changing the screen of the iPhone Xr will cost 220 euros

As every year, Apple has published the official repair rates for those users who do not have the Apple Care guarantee program . To the already released iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max , the next to enter the list is the new iPhone XR, a model that will arrive in the coming weeks to the market and which already know the details in case you have to visit the famous Genius Bar.

Model Screen cost Other damages
iPhone Xs Max 361,10 Euros 641,10 Euros
iPhone Xs 311,10 Euros 591,10 Euros
iPhone Xr 221.10 Euros 431.10 Euros
iPhone X 311,10 Euros 591,10 Euros
iPhone 8 Plus 191.10 Euros 431.10 Euros
iPhone 8 171,10 Euros 381,10 Euros
iPhone 7 Plus 191.10 Euros 381,10 Euros
iPhone 7 171,10 Euros 351,10 Euros
iPhone 6s Plus 191.10 Euros 361,10 Euros
iPhone 6s
171,10 Euros 331.10 Euros
iPhone 6 Plus 171,10 Euros 361,10 Euros
Iphone 6 151,10 Euros 331.10 Euros
iPhone SE, iPhone5siPhone 5c, iPhone 5 151,10 Euros 191.10 Euros
Iphone 4s 221.10 Euros

The new updated list of Apple reports that the cost of repairing the screen of the iPhone XR will be 221.10 euros, while that of any other type of additional damage related to the plate or other components will amount to 431.10 euros. All these prices include VAT and you only have to add 12.10 euros of shipping costs in case you have to send the terminal home.

Differences between the iPhone Xs Max, Xs and Xr

Change the battery of the iPhone Xr

As far as the battery is concerned, the price of replacing the battery of the iPhone XR will be 69 euros, which is the same amount charged for replacing the battery to an iPhone XS and an iPhone XS Max (provided that the user does not have Apple Care or keep the guarantee in force, since in that case the cost will be 0 euros).

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