Chance Games Platform to Use JoyToken Blockchain Technology

Chance Games Platform to Use JoyToken Blockchain Technology
Chance Games Platform to Use JoyToken Blockchain Technology

JoyToken, a London-based, luck gaming company, aims to develop a platform of chance games that it plans to be smarter and more reliable. JoyToken, who wants to be open to innovations in the industry with its technology, announced that they signed an agreement with more than 200 games of chance games.

JoyToken is developed by former PokerStars and Bet365 managers. With the company Blockchain technology, the company plans to make the confusing effect of luck games on people more transparent and efficient.

The founders of the company believe that they will succeed by creating entrepreneurial opportunities for small game developers. But the real challenge here is to get access to the masses. Although product promotion is a challenging process for small software developers, JoyToken plans to use smart contracts to include new players in the system and guarantee the reliability of transactions. In this way, product developers will be rewarded by the system according to their popularity.

Insufficient regulations and people’s lack of confidence are disadvantageous for platforms of chance games. Although platforms offer different types of games to humans, the chances of having smaller platforms are almost nothing compared to large platforms. Because people are naturally oriented towards brand awareness and large platforms that often advertise.

While there is no clear figure for advertising spending on major platforms, the annual budgets are tens of millions of dollars according to the information received from a few companies. For example, in the year when we passed the popular gaming network, we announced that $ 50 million budget was allocated for advertising spending.

Together with Blockchain technology, developers are removing the mediators. Payments go directly to JoyToken crypto coins. In addition, JoyToken takes into account all regulatory and compliance requirements in the UK. Smart contracts allow the platform to automatically authenticate and record game data directly from Blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it is possible to present transparent data to the players. Multinational organizations such as Platform American Express, Fujitsu, and Simens Computers It is supported by game professionals such as Keld Knudsen, who has more than 30 years of experience.

The founders of JoyToken have signed a partnership agreement aimed at using JoyToken with 200 platforms worldwide. The company founders explained that they did;

“JoyToken enables developers to get paid and make money while allowing players to continue their gaming experience on many different platforms,” ​​he says.

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