Can Ethereum Casper Take Blockchain Forward?

Can Ethereum Casper Take Blockchain Forward?
Can Ethereum Casper Take Blockchain Forward?

The Ethereum is debating whether the Casper protocol, which offers a newly developed blockchain alternative, is secure. In Financial Cryptography event 2018 held in Curacao, Dahlia Malkhi, an expert in distributed systems, criticized Etherera Casper.

In his opening speech, Malkhi conveyed how blockchain works with the help of computer intelligence. He then pulled the attention to Casper and said that Casper promised BlockChain to be good at the moment and to be environmentally friendly.

Bitcoin mining uses electricity to build process blocks. The mining system is working to show that the process is done. However, the Casper system offers a more virtual mining; coins are ready and waiting for action as if they were in real mines.

Theoretically, Casper’s system seems more useful. It is argued that the current mining model can reduce the damage it has to the energy and environment.

On the other hand, Malkhi was the first computer science researcher to criticize the developed Casper system. Malkhi criticized Casper and said:

“I think the Casper system is basically weak. A group of people gives you the right to decide. I think that this system can help the more wealthy in their hands. ”

Malkhi, who has been working on distributed systems for years, has two major concerns about Casper; one is security, the other is vitality. The Blockchain system ensures that operations are carried out correctly over time. This way the system is alive. Although Casper is environmentally friendly, it does not seem very viable.

Nevertheless, Malkhi continued to soften his criticisms and expressed Casper’s interest. He noted that no blockchain system is perfect and underscored that it is a novelty that Casper’s blockchain researchers may be interested in.

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