Brutal Street 2, a classic arcade game to enjoy on your Android


If the arcade games are the ones you like the most and you are looking for a new one for your Android device, we recommend you this week a development that deserves and is very worthwhile. We are talking about Brutal Street 2 , a development that recalls the titles that existed in the eighties and nineties.

This game has many virtues, as for example that the graphics that are seen on the screen while playing are attractive because of the design it has , not because of how complex they are. They have a retro air of the most striking, and as an additional interesting element that we discussed ensures excellent compatibility with mobile terminals. In our tests, with Android 5.0 or higher and a smartphone or tablet with 2 GB , the operation is just perfect. The sound is compliant in effects, but the soundtrack is quite soporific in our option. The case is that Brutal Street 2 is technically quite good.

Brutal Street 2, a classic arcade game to enjoy on your Android

One of the things you have to know about Brutal Street 2 is that we are talking about an action title, so there is a certain degree of violence, but it is not excessive at all. That is, we talk about a development that without being an option for the little ones, it does fit with adolescents and adults . And, to this, it favors that the handling is of the simplest thing that we have seen (and this is good): simply it is necessary to press in the tactile screen to choose the action of wished and, this, it is executed of automatic form. You do not have to be hitting or shooting constantly, and this many will appreciate it.

The system of evolution at different levels reminds arcades of years ago, and being quite linear everything is learned very quickly. By the way, Brutal Street 2 is translated , although we have found some text that does not. They are very few and nothing important, so the language is not exactly a problem to enjoy it to the fullest. By the way, this development is not one of those that the Internet needs to use, so it can become a good solution when you are in a place without coverage or if the data connection has already been consumed completely.

Brutal Street 2, very fun and full of options

Despite the simplicity of the theme, you have to save a friend who has been kidnapped, do not think that Brutal Street 2 does not have many possibilities to have fun . Apart from taking a boxer as a main hero, it is possible to recruit more companions that are essential to get pass level after level. Some help to heal (like the cheerleaders) and others are experts in the use of some aras that change perfectly with the best that the protagonist offers: the fight against each other.

Brutal Street 2, a classic arcade game to enjoy on your Android

The games are divided into different screen by level, which are static and represent cities of the world , such as Tokyo or New York. Y. To attack the different enemies that appear, you have to click on it once you select the character you want to hit or shoot. By the way, there are spatial actions that allow from impact with greater power and even avoid being reached. The case, is that the key to Brutal Street 2 is to properly combine the characteristics of the protagonists , because if you focus on just one you end up dead in total safety.

You get different objects as well as money . The cousins ​​are equipment that can be used in a shell or, failing that, they are equipped in the characters that allow it (an example are pistols that only the characters that offer this ability can carry). Apart, there are tickets that are raised by passing the level or in the actual match, which gives the option to get improvements and new interests that we do not want to disclose. By the way, the Artificial Intelligence of the game is correct, but there are certain mechanics that fit with the different types of enemies … you will have to discover them yourself to get to finalize Brutal Street 2 (which, by the way, is a development with enough hours of game) .

Get the game Brutal Street 2

If you want to try this game, which is highly recommended since it is completely free , you can download it from both Galaxy Apps and Play Store . Simple to use and with a lot of possibilities (and therefore fun), Brutal Street 2 is one of those titles that are worth having always installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Brutal Street 2, a classic arcade game to enjoy on your Android

Download Brutal Street 2 in Galaxy Apps

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