BQ in Vietnamese hands. Vingroup buys 51% of the Spanish company


The news has just jumped a few minutes ago. The Vietnamese group Vingroup has acquired 51% of the Spanish company BQ and becomes the majority owner of the brand. This can mean delays in the launch of some phones and changes in BQ’s commercial strategy.

A few days ago, when the agreement with Vingroup was announced, the company until now Spanish announced that the collaboration with the Vietnamese resulted in the opening of a factory in the Asian country to launch on December 14, two versions of the BQ and under the seal of VinSmart. In fact, some of the changes that had been made in the Spanish headquarters already predicted the movement announced today given that the technical service in 2018 had had an ERE that had left the workforce with about 50 workers compared to the more than 300 there were in Previous years In addition, several dozen Spanish engineers had moved in recent months to this new factory to start production.

Now Vingroup

With the acquisition of 51 percent of BQ, VinSmart can increase the capacity of the Spanish senior team in product research and development as well as in the application of manufacturing technologies.

As we have been able to know exclusively, the agreement with the Vietnamese group comes through Qualcomm, since Vingroup was looking to invest in a successful European brand and it was the component manufacturer who told them about the Spanish firm. BQ at the moment has not made any statements about it but from MovilZona we are trying to get in touch with the company to confirm the operation.

BQ in Vietnamese hands. Vingroup buys 51% of the Spanish company


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