Bnext, the application with which you can withdraw money at any ATM without fees

Bnext, the application with which you can withdraw money at any ATM without fees

Money management is one of the activities that, increasingly, we are centralizing in our smartphone. It is normal, in the end it is one of the safest devices from which we can do it. In addition, for some time we have been able to shield the applications of many banks with our fingerprint .

Today, we are not going to talk about an application to manage your money, but an application that will allow you to have a bank account, but without being a bank . His name is Bnext and he is one of the most interesting start-ups we have seen lately.

Bnext, the platform that improves your bank

Bnext is a platform that allows you to create an account through OpenBanking completely free from your mobile, and thanks to which you can get many advantages that are difficult to find in banks, such as sending and request money to your friends at zero cost .

Bnext, the application with which you can withdraw money at any ATM without fees

But not only that, but also, if you enter 25 euros in your account (which is the minimum allowed) you will receive a debit card , with which you can withdraw money at any ATM in Spain without any commission, since Bnext will return the commissions that banks charge for using their ATMs, something that often causes us to have to move to be able to dispose of our money without commissions. And, speaking of having our money, with Bnext you will always have all the money in your account ready to be withdrawn or to operate with it.

The Bnext client always happy

Bnext, the application with which you can withdraw money at any ATM without fees

Bnext also has customer service through chat , so any questions that may arise can be solved in a short time, and without having to wait for the phone. Beyond all these interesting extras, you will also be able to connect your bank accounts to Bnext , to operate from the same site. You can have your Bankia, BBVA, Santander account and the rest of the entities operating in the Spanish scenario in one place.

In this way you can have all your expenses controlled from a single application, regardless of your bank. And if you go abroad, you will have the best currency exchange rates available, so you do not spend more.

And another big surprise is that if we operate with our Bnext card on websites like GearBest or Alibaba, the exchange rate is much better than the one applied by PayPal (4%) or other bank cards, which charge between 3-5% .

Send money to your friends with Bnext

Bnext, the application with which you can withdraw money at any ATM without fees

In addition to all the above mentioned functions, Bnext allows us to “settle our accounts” with friends. If we went out to dinner the night before and our friend had to pay for our dinner, we can send you our part of the bill through Bnext in an instant.

It’s very easy, you choose your friend from the list of your contacts who are also in Bnext. Then, add the amount to send, and below the subject of this immediate payment. And almost instantaneously your friend will have his money ready to be used.

Do you want to invest your money? With Bnext you can

Bnext, the application with which you can withdraw money at any ATM without fees

From Bnext you can invest your savings in a fund from just € 10 . This means that you only need € 10 a month to be able to invest and that this will give you some benefits over time.

This will be possible if you access MyInvestor through Bnext, a bank that will grow your savings from your mobile. It offers up to 5 different customer profiles with which to use the best managers in the world. And if that were not enough, they have a solvency ratio of 41% , higher than the minimum required by law (10%).

As you can see,” is a>very good alternative to your bank , and being free, you can create an account to enjoy its advantages. In fact, to be able to withdraw money in any cashier and that you return the commission is, possibly, its greater virtue, and something very useful when your bank is far . As we have said, the application is totally free -like to open an account in it- in both Android and iOS.

Bnext is redesigned, and these are the additional advantages offered

Everything we have told you until now is enhanced by a series of additional advantages offered by the company for having reached 90,000 users, and therefore have decided to offer this:

  • A 10% discount on Netflix, Spotify and Glovo -among other platforms- of maximum 5 euros per month.
  • Payments with the VISA exchange rate, saving you 3-5% with respect to banks or PayPal.
  • The best option when hiring financial products.

In addition, this renewal has made the application redesigned from scratch, and now the display of discounts and commissions, daily spending or your financial products is much simpler and visual. So that you forget about messes every time you want to consult information about your finances. Also, just for being a reader of Andro4all if you register and activate your card with the link that we show you below, you will earn 10 euros for the creation of your account! Just follow these steps:

  • (1) Sign up or download Bnext from the link below (both from mobile and from computer).
  • (2) Enter your phone number and validate it (via SMS).
  • (3) Take a photo of both sides of your ID to verify your identity.
  • (4) Make an initial deposit of at least € 25.
  • (5) They will send you the card and you will receive it at home in 24-48h.
  • (6) When you activate the card, you will receive € 10.

Register with Bnext and earn 10 euros!

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