Blue and orange, the new colors of the iPhone X of 2018


It is not the first time that we echo the possible colors of the iPhone X of 2018. A couple of months ago the news leapt that the Cupertino company could launch this year a iPhone 8s, or iPhone 9, in more striking colors As the blue , yellow or pink , with the firm objective of reaching a younger audience. Today some of these colors are confirmed, but focused on iPhone X of 2018 .

A few minutes ago the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that the new 2018 iPhone X models that we will see in just a couple of months, they can be available in up to eight colors Some of them we already know, but others like blue or orange would be a novelty in the catalog of the American company.

Blue and orange, the new colors of the iPhone X of 2018

With regard to the iPhone X of 2018 and to the expected iPhone X Plus Larger, it is expected that, once again, the company will offer both models in Space Gray and Silver. However, on this occasion we would also have a Rose Gold color variant. This tone was expected to dress the iPhone 8 released to the market last year, but it seems that we will have to wait until this year to enjoy it. So far we only have 3 of the 8 possible colors of the iPhone x of 2018, since the iPhone 9, or cheap iPhone X would be the one that could be bought in 5 different colors.

iPhone X with LCD screen and 5 colors

The analyst is betting that the 6.1-inch iPhone X with LCD be the most direct successor of the Iphone 5c made in plastic that came years ago to the market at a cheaper price than the rest of the Cupertino phones. In order to differentiate this Cheap iPhone X of the other two premium models, Kuo expects the blue, red and orange variants to be available along with more traditional black and white editions for this particular terminal. While the black and white tone has long been associated with Apple smartphones, and the red color stars in the range (Product) RED of the company, the great novelty of this year would be the color blue and orange.

These are the screens of the new iPhone X of 2018

This would be the main difference between the cheap iPhone X and the other two iPhone X of 2018 , in addition to the presence of a single lens on the back of the mobile as well as a price less than 700 euros. As always happens in these situations, we will have to wait for the presentation of the 3 mobiles to confirm the price of the iPhone x with LCD panel before “throwing the bells on the fly”.

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