Bringing Bitcoin Purchasing Feature to US

blockchain-wallet, a UK-based digital wallet provider, announced the launch of a new feature in the 22 states of the United States that allows consumers to buy and sell bitcoin. It seems likely that this feature will also be available for other countries.

According to the announcement; Clients in the United States plan to continue offering new services, including ether and bitcoin cash.

This move could be seen as a direct attack on the Coinbase stock market in the last few weeks, with the user deciding to integrate BitCoin cash instead of focusing on implementing SegWit. CEO Peter Smith gave CNBC the following statement, taking into account the current situation of the market:

“If we gave priority to short-term earnings, we gave priority to purchases, as most people do. But now, it’s time to realize this experience. “

The company currently has 22 million users. 30% to 40% of these users are based in the United States. Also, as the numbers point out, the adoption of crypto money is still in its infancy. The founding partner and COO of Sharpe Capital, the digital asset platform, James Andrew wrote the following statements on this subject:

“The enormous number of providers that offer Blockchain services is growing, and providers of providers that reduce technical barriers, in particular, make crypto money more common; can be interpreted as a powerful “Blockchain technology” given to the traditional banking sector and to capital markets. The total market value of all crypt money is now more than $ 600 billion. This figure is quite small in the global market context. We are witnessing the earliest days of the adoption process of crypto money by the general public. This situation resembles the internet in 1994. “

The day before the announcement was made, bitcoin had a tough time and the price fell below $ 10,000 for the first time since November 30th. However, within only 48 hours, the crypto money markets remained on their feet and recovered. According to this, bitcoin is traded at 12,581 USD in the time it is written and it has increased by 7% compared to the previous day. This positive situation is also true for almost all subcoins.

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