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Blockchain and AR to Create Revolution in Game World

Blockchain and AR to Create Revolution in Game World
Blockchain and AR to Create Revolution in Game World

Developments in the gaming world continue to push the boundaries between virtual and reality. Recently, many games with visual and audio plug-ins associated with reality have been put on the market. Augmented Reality (AR) is a game and practice that enriches reality by superimposing virtual images on real images.

AR games on mobile devices are created by receiving GPS information from the device and sending tasks and instructions to the actual surroundings of the players. For example, Pokemon Go, which was quite popular for a while, was very popular even though it was not a very advanced AR. AR games are usually based on discovering the real world environment, which is not something the players are used to and is intriguing.

Since AR technology is new, there are constantly different adaptations and games using blockchain technology. Some of the stadiums are in the ethnic period, some of them in the future. In addition, various applications are being developed in areas such as real estate, politics and culture. For example, in a blockchain-based Mossland game, players will be able to give real estate advertisements. The game will be its own crypto money and players will be able to buy and sell real estate through the system. Of course, it is necessary to provide a safe platform for systems like this to bring together real and imaginary.

Blockchain plays a big role in integrating crypto money into the game world. Combining flexibility and people from different countries over the same crypto currency can make a difference. Creating a universal value among users can make any game become universal.

It may be possible to use a blockchain to get real value from a game market and from the money. In-game tokens can be converted to fiat currencies or other crypto parallels. Blockchain and AR can lead to serious revolutions in the game industry.

In addition to creating a global network, Blockchain can give a new breath to AR technology. In addition to the games, AR and Blockchain based developments are being made in other areas. For example, education practices, practices that drive people to explore, and blockchain and AR studies in the advertising arena can add new breath to technology.

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