Bitcoin statement from White House official: We are not yet close to editing

Talking to CNBC, Rob Joyce, a special advisor to US President Donald Trump and White House CYPRIOT Security Coordinator, said the US government is a long way before organizing Bitcoin.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, Joyce said that before beginning any regulatory system crypto money emphasized that they need to better understand the risks and benefits of the unit.

Bitcoin statement from White House official: We are not yet close to editing

“I think we’re still trying to figure out what good and bad ideas are in this area,” Joyce said. I mean, I do not think an arrangement is near. ”

Joyce also said Bitcoin’s concept was useful, but expressed concern:

“… with that, you can not rewind the time when you look at the way Bitcoin operates after a criminal act, and you can not get it back.”

Joyce said that in the event of credit card theft, individuals or companies could apply to banks and withdraw their purchases and withdraw cash, and said “This is a problem for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.”

Bitcoin and crypto money to be discussed at the G20 Summit

Joyce says that Bitcoin is ‘far from being organized’ Bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies are likely to be regulated in the year. In the past weeks as we reported France and Germany called on countries to discuss Bitcoin and crypto currencies at a G20 meeting to be held in Argentina. French President Emmanuel Macron personally spoke to the World Economic Forum in Davos he reiterated.

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