Bitcoin inspection for meteorological workers in Australia

The search conducted on February 28th, using computers at the workplace of Australian Meteorology Bureau employees, including Bitcoin crypto money he might have done mining. The situation was noticed by the federal police, who pressed the headquarters in Melbourne.

According to a report in ABC News, two people working in the Austrian Meteorological Bureau were questioned by the Australian Federal Police, who allegedly used crypto money mining using their workplace computers. The police are talking about two possibilities. The first possibility is that computers with very high computing power belonging to the office are used for mining and the second possibility is only benefited from the power of the office.

Bitcoin inspection for meteorological workers in Australia

Although there is no legal provision stating that computers can not be used for mining purposes, the intention to illegally use government resources may be enough to make faults difficult. As a result, electricity consumed by mining will be covered by taxpayers.

On the other hand, there was a similar situation in Russia last month. Centered supercomputers of two scientists working in the country’s secret nuclear center Bitcoin mining to do so.

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