The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

You are heading to the store to get a PS4 right now, and you need to know what games to get. (Keep your eyes on the road, please!) Or you’re at home, all ready, realizing you want more things to play. Or maybe you’re looking for a battle in the console war, applying your facial painting and trying to remember what games will help you defend the Sony console. We are here to help.

These days, there are more good PS4 games than ever, with new contenders arriving all the time. Below is a list of the games we recommend for the Sony machine.

Of course, we will continue to update this list regularly as more games for the PS4 are published. We have crowned the list at 12, and in the coming months and years we will continue to eliminate old games to make way for new and better entries. Here it goes…

#1. Horizon Zero Dawn

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

In a superficial look, Horizon Zero Dawn may seem too familiar. It has Uncharted platforms, an open Far Cry world with stealth and elaboration, Tomb Raider third-person bow fights and Monster Hunter style battles against massive robot dinosaurs. Wait a minute, did we say too familiar? Because that sounds great. Horizon really manages to simmer those promising raw ingredients into something that works even better than we expected. It has a constant flow of stimulating gameplay and breathtaking views, all wrapped in a surprisingly absorbing and satisfying story. As an extra, it is one of the most technically advanced and beautiful games you can play on a PS4.

A good match for: Fans of the games mentioned in the previous description, anyone who has ever wanted to go face to face with a robot velociraptor.

It is not a good match for: those who are looking for an easy time. Horizon is a risky and difficult game, and you will have to play smart and aggressively to survive.

#2. Inside

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 gamesInside is the rare game that is so good that we do not want to tell you anything else about it. Take the frame of a 2D puzzle game and stir it for three hours for gobsmacking surprises. Horrifying, fascinating, brilliant, built and with a perfect rhythm, Inside is one of the best games in recent history. Just go play it.

A good match for: Anyone who has enjoyed the last game of the developer Limbo, those who are looking for something that may end up in the course of a night but will stay with them for much longer.

It is not a good match for: Those who need their games to be long affairs; Someone driven mad by the monstrous and the mortal.

#3. The Witness

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

You are alone on an island, surrounded by puzzles. That’s The Witness, an extremely complicated game that is really very simple. Some of the riddles are obvious: they are on screens right in front of you, stacked in neat rows. Other riddles are much less easy to find. All of them will block and confuse you, but with time you will gradually dismantle them until the grand design of the game is arranged in front of you as the operation of a finely designed clock. Some games make you level up your character to access new areas; This makes you level up yourself. There are few more satisfying feelings in the game than when he finally realizes the solution to a riddle in The Witness. With one click, a new door opens.

A good match for: Puzzles, people who like a challenge, all who like Myst and want to see what modern evolution would be like.

It is not a good match for: Anyone who wants action, people who do not like games of wit and who simply do not like puzzles, usually look for the answers.

#4. Nier: Automata

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

Nier: Automata will probably surprise you. It begins as a fast-moving action game on the Bayonetta or Devil May Cry line, which tells a story about hot robots that explore a devastated land in the future. And until the first time the credits are published, that’s what’s left. Keep playing, though, and Nier will begin to open up and transform. It changes points of view and turns within itself, eventually unfolding in a spiral of revelations that increases until it reaches the grand final (s). Yes, you must “finish” Nier: Automata five times to get the full story. But like the rest of this fantastic game, that does not mean what you think it means.

A good match for: fanatics of narrative mindfucks like the first games of Nier or Metal Gear Solid; people looking for something ambitious and without complex strangers.

It is not a good match for: people who like their game stories directly, who do not like blows or shoot-em-ups.

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#5. Rocket League

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

Car football I’ll say it again: Car. Football. It’s a good idea, it’s strange that other games have not tried it. Fortunately, the creators of the Rocket League in Psyonix have basically perfected the idea, leaving us with one of the most scandalous and fun competitive games of recent times. Rocket League is also the rare competitive videogame in which you do not have to be so good to have fun. We can only expect more sports games in the future. Tennis car, anyone?

A good match for: anyone looking for a good time crazy and chaotic; people who want a game to play with friends in short but rewarding bursts.

It is not a good match for: anyone who really hates competing online; people who need precise controls; people who hate the car

# 6 The Witcher 3

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

There is no shortage of ambition in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The latest adventure of Geralt of Rivia is massive, a world in which you can lose yourself for hours and still have a lot to do. And although many games these days have extensive landscapes, The Witcher 3 is completely dense. Each corner is full of memorable characters, intelligent writing and rewards for curious players. The main story is as exciting as it is emotionally exhausting, and the side quests are really worth it! Best of all? It is not necessary that you have played a Witcher game to fully enjoy the third.

A good match for: fanatics of the open world, especially those who enjoyed Skyrim but who were disappointed by the combat. In The Witcher 3, the fight is almost as enjoyable as the exploration.

It is not a good match for: people who value their time and social life, or those who prefer their hyper-polished games without any framerate crashes or other persistent technical failures.

# 7 Hitman

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

In Hitman, a simple configuration paves the way for an unusually complex game. You enter a level with a goal. You can eliminate that goal in the way that best suits you. Maybe you’re in a fashion show in Paris, maybe you’re in the market in front of a Moroccan embassy. Maybe you’re in an expanding Italian villa, maybe a luxury hotel in Bangkok. Wherever you are, you are likely to be impressed by Hitman’s complex and meticulous watch communities as they move forward, inviting you to explore and exploit them. The main story’s murders are the tip of the iceberg here, as repeatable escalations, challenges made by players and the elusive objectives of “miss-and-you-fail” complete a supremely satisfying collection of sneaky, costume challenges and of espionage. Yes, Blood Money was great, but this new Hitman represents a pinnacle for the series.

A good match for: Fans of classic spy movies, people who like to disguise themselves, meticulous people who love to come up with a plan.

It is not a good match for: People who expect a good direct action or a direct stealth game: Hitman has elements of both, but it is something of his own.

# 8 Overwatch

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 gamesIt is a fan art generator. It is pure cosplay fodder. It is a machine of memes, a pillar of cold water and a cultural obsession. Overwatch it’s all that, but above all it’s a finely tuned competition video game that manages to encourage boneless competition and enthusiastic teamwork while ensuring everyone has a good time.

A good match for: fans of Team Fortress 2, people who liked to hit action figures as a child, people who wanted to try a first-person shooter but have not yet found the perfect match.

It is not a good match for: Anyone who wants to play offline, or who is waiting for a substantial campaign for a single player. Overwatch is strictly multiplayer.

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# 9. Resident Evil 7

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

The seventh game Resident Evil itself boldly reinvents the 20-year-old horror series … well, back to what made Resident Evil good in the first place. Again there is a house full of mystery and threat. Again, you can never guess what horrors can lurk around the corner. Again, there are special keys, and terrifying bosses, and hidden secrets. Again, you would always wish to have only a few more shotguns. But while RE7 succeeds in channeling the first game of the series, its creators have also clearly learned from the best recent contributions to the horror genre they helped create. Resident Evil 7 a surprising mix of old and new, and a great horror game. The most important thing is that it will scare you.

A good match for: Horror fanatics, those who have grown tired of Resident Evil’s growing focus of action, people who like to watch Grindhouse horror movies and explore spooky basements.

It is not a good match for: the easily scared. Seriously. This game is very scary, especially in its early hours. It is also exceptionally bloody. While there are ways to alleviate that fear in some way, this is probably not the best game for the faint of heart.

# 10. Bloodborne

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

If we were to summarize Bloodborne in one sentence, it would probably be “There is blood everywhere.” The last game of Dark Souls master Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team at From Software, Bloodborne represents a careful iteration of the Souls formula and a significant departure from that. The fundamental structure and the difficulty of signing the games are maintained, but everything has intensified, with knives bullets and mercury bullets flying faster than your eye can track. Bloodborne is a masterpiece soaked in blood.

A good match for: other Fans of From games like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, people who like hard games, H.P. Lovecraft buffs.

It is not a good match for: anyone who gets easily frustrated with difficult games, people looking for a more traditional role-playing game with a more traditional story.

#eleven. Person 5

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

What would happen if you could relive high school but do it in a much better way? That is the promise of Person 5 , and Atlus’s social simulator + dungeon more than meets. You are a high school student who spends a year in a new school in Tokyo, but you are anything but ordinary. You and your colorful group of friends have the ability to infiltrate the subconscious “palaces” of the various villains and torturers who challenge you in the real world, changing their hearts and bringing them to justice. As the days go by, you will spend your evenings deciding whether to go shopping, hang out with your friends or go to a dungeon to kill some demons. The more you play, the more the cast expands, the story unfolds and the mystery deepens. What is really happening? Where do these mystic powers come from? How will it end? And finally you can get Makoto to go out with you?

A good match for: Fans of previous Persona games, along with anyone who likes elegant art and killer music. Person 5 is full of both.

It is not a good match for: people who hate JRPG combats by turns, people who do not like games with a lot of text to read, anyone looking for a game that can end in a single weekend.

# 12. The last of Us: Remastered

The best PlayStation 4 games: the best 12 games

The epic story of Naughty Dog is violent, sincere, emotionally exhausting. The Last of Us is the most important achievement of the studio, and was easily one of the most impressive games of PlayStation 3. Its survival story in a post-apocalyptic world can be built on the basis of clichés of zombie movies, but its characters they are so full of heart and carved with such subtlety that any concern about over-familiarity quickly fades away. Better yet, in addition to its beautiful art, its beautiful soundtrack and its impressive scenes, the game itself is well done. It is a stimulating mixture of stealth, action and terror that develops in extensive levels and is not afraid of making the player feel disoriented and without power. The new PS4 version of the game is a marked technical improvement, with a smoother frame rate and higher resolution visuals. It also includes the fabulous Left Behind DLC, as well as plenty of maps for the widely underestimated online multiplayer game.

A good match for: People who like their intense games: The Last of Us is relentless, and the intensity of its narrative is combined with a fight that often leads to panic.

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It is not a good match for: Anyone looking for something fun or cheerful. The Last of Us is an unceasingly daunting experience, often emotionally heartbreaking.


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