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Best free Android games of the week that are usually paid


One more week we will review those free Android games that are usually paid. A very important aspect, since these games, for the most part do not usually have micropayments, or if so, they are not as invasive as in the freemium.

Speaking of Google Play, we can now know how much money we have spent on the apps we bought in the Google store , a vital information to not spend more than the account in these games.

Free Android games, Mystic Guardian VIP: Old School Action RPG

Once again the RPG is one of the most present genres among the free Android games. In this case it is one of the most interesting of Google Play, which revives the best JRPG school of the nineties, and adapting it to the touch controls of our mobile phone. We can choose our character from a total of seven different modalities.

Download Mystic Guardian VIP: Old School Action RPG

Sonny El Loco

One of those games that apparently do not have the strength of the Triple A, with quite simple graphics, but effective. Best of all, we can do all the crazy things we want, destroying everything and everyone in our path without much difficulty. A game that also has a story mode full of interesting missions.

Sony the crazy

Carus Speedus

Undoubtedly one of the most casual games of today, and with a more childlike aspect, which does not mean it is a fun game. It is as simple as preventing our vehicle from colliding with others who are passing through the streets. Just press the arrow to the left or right to avoid obstacles on the track. The more stars we collect, the more money we will have.

Download Carus Speedus

Cannon Master VIP

If you like shooter shooting in the style of 1941 or 1942, this Cannon Master is for you. Because it is a shooter with retro graphics, which is developed with a vertical scroll. The best of all is that we can improve the weapons of our ship with the passage of the phases and the collection of the different coins that will appear in each phase.

Download Cannon Master VIP

Warrior Chess

Chess games have always been very popular on all platforms. Especially those versions that allow playing with chips of original appearance. In this case the chess games recreate the battle of Hastings in the year 1066, being able to play in a 3D environment of high resolution or also in 2D, as in classic games. Of course, all the characters have the appearance of warriors of the eleventh century.

Download Warrior Chess

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