Being a mother while being a woman

Being a mother without stopping being a woman is, without a doubt, the most difficult combination for a wife, especially when she has the first child. If you are a wife and you are already a mother, have you ever wondered: What aspect of your life should be the first?

What does it mean to be a mother without stopping being a woman?

To be a woman

Being a mother while being a woman

Most specialists in the field believe that before becoming a mother, the person is already a woman. Beyond the biological definition, Being a woman implies being the person you have always been, that you like and that you would like to be .

It involves knowing how to cope in any area of ​​life, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, familiar or sexual to reach fulfillment. In other words, to be a woman is to be the protagonist of your own life . However, how does being a mother affect women?

Be a mother

For many, being a mother is a great blessing. Participating in the process of creating a new person is simply miraculous. However, also It is a task that requires great dedication because the little one depends totally on his mother to survive .

In fact, it is said that when a woman is a mother, her worries multiply by two . On the one hand, it is positive since the level of efficiency rises; but, on the other hand, the level of anxiety can increase too much and be harmful to health.

A) Yes, The mother in her eagerness to take care of the best way to her baby, may forget her own needs , those that were easier to satisfy before the arrival of your child.

The role of society and gender roles

Being a mother while being a woman

Sometimes, society often exerts excessive pressure with respect to what we should be . The gender perspective that society has created and imposed on women over the centuries is simplified in the following sentence: “First, the children; second, the couple; and third, she. ”

That is, in the role of mother, the woman must sacrifice her goals, desires and time to fulfill the role that the society has marked as the “must be” of a mother . In other words, she reverses the order of being a woman and a mother to become a mother and then a woman.

If you are a woman who sacrifices herself for the welfare of her children, then society will tell you that you are the best mother in the world. But maybe he does not judge you in the same way if from time to time you decide to give yourself some time for yourself.

And is that you tend to believe the following: You can be the best mother, but forget that you are a woman; or, being a great woman, but not being a good mother .

Which side are you on?

Ask yourself the following: When was the last time I took a little time to do sports, nap, or date my partner alone? If your answer does not have a specific date, then you are forgetting yourself and your well-being.

Of course, Do not go to extremes: sacrifice yourself too much or abandon your children . Both cases are negative for both the children and the mother.

How is it possible to be a mother without stopping being a woman?

Being a mother while being a woman

To know the answer to the previous question it is fundamental to understand the following: before being a mother and wife, you are a person . As an individual, you have needs that neither your children nor spouse can fully satisfy.

Balance is the key

To satisfy individual needs it is necessary to recover your individual spaces, delegate tasks and assign some responsibilities .

We know that mothers are so capable that they could do everything by themselves. However, Such saving or rescue behaviors do not usually lead to healthy states , If not the opposite.

Because, It is necessary to find a way to reconcile your obligations with your needs . You are not alone, you can lean on your partner, family and friends to face the challenges of motherhood, instead of sacrificing yourself totally.

Out the fault

You may feel guilty for thinking a little about yourself and not about your children or husband. But remember that, Like any other person, you must take care of yourself and dedicate some time to your needs .

This is of vital importance because, to be a better mother, you must start taking care of yourself. Do you think you can take care of your children and give them a good example if you do not do it with you? For that reason, she seeks to be a mother without stopping being a woman.

What can I do to be a mother without stopping being a woman?

Set aside time for yourself

Even if you have thousands of activities to do, organize your schedules . You do not need to disappear for hours to give yourself a break. In fact, You can plan a short 10 minutes for yourself and go for a walk. Another quick and easy option is to take deep breaths and connect with yourself. It’s a short time, but it will make you feel better.

Take care of your relationship

Being a mother while being a woman

The relationship is evolving little by little, especially with the arrival of a baby. It’s true, the little ones need attention. Nevertheless, the couple also needs time to continue cultivating that love that unites them .

You must remember that the union with your partner will continue through the years, even when your child grows and finally becomes independent. Further, the family environment will benefit if the couple is well .

Take care of your physique

Society also puts pressure on mothers who have recently given birth to recover their figure. However, Taking care of your body will make you feel healthier. You can do it at your own pace consuming foods rich in fiber, vegetables and fruits, avoiding processed foods and sugary drinks.

Recover a hobby

Being a mother while being a woman

What do you like the most? We all have a hobby that makes us feel better, take it back! It may be to attend fitness center , watch some television series, do yoga, sing, play some instrument or even a relaxing bath.


Allowing yourself a little time will allow you to keep the balance to be a mother without stopping being a woman. No one is perfect, and if you notice that you must work on yourself, Take the initiative and do what you can to improve.

On the other hand, we recommend you visit a specialist so that he can give you help and specialized attention. Remember, Your well-being is very important!

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