Augmented reality lands in the eBay app

Augmented reality lands in the eBay app

One of the best shopping portals in the world is eBay . Founded in 1995, it has years of experience , in which we find millions of items sold, and millions of satisfied customers. All kinds of products at a great price , sometimes, hundreds of euros below what we find in official stores.

Today, we have good news for those who use or are going to use the eBay application. He has just received an update in which augmented reality is the protagonist , so let’s see how it will work from now on.

eBay is already compatible with AR

Augmented reality lands in the eBay app

At first, the augmented reality of eBay will be useful for sellers , and buyers will not be able to take too much advantage of it. However, this door has just opened, and soon, buyers can start enjoying the benefits of the AR. As you well know, mobile phones such as Google Pixel 2, iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9, use augmented reality quite well , and the new eBay app will take advantage of that.

Hereinafter, sellers can see the size of the boxes for shipments , which will facilitate the subsequent process of sending it, and who will know what rate fits them. As we said, a novelty that, in principle, does not directly affect buyers, but opens a great world of possibilities.

For example, shortly we could see in real size what the product that we are going to buy occupies , get an idea of ​​the design of the mobile case that we have bought at 360º, or a thousand other things that you can think of and that can be virtualized. 2018 will be the year of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, and we hope that this will go on and on, since it is something that makes life easier for everyone.

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