AT Player: a complete music player for Youtube


Today we are going to talk about AT Player, a music application that the Spanish version of Google Play can find as Free Player Music YouTube: Free Music Download and although its name induces a bit of confusion (since Google does not allow downloading its videos), it is an interesting all in one player loaded with functions, which is worth giving it a chance.

AT Player is an application to keep in mind because it allows us to manage comprehensively our local music library along with our favorite Youtube videos, and all without breaking Google’s policy as it does not download videos, play music without video, or play videos in the background or on the lock screen. Let’s see their functions.

AT Player allows you an advanced management of your playlists

AT Player is not that it offers any function that we can not get with other applications, its advantage is that it puts everything together in a single interface that allows us to manage both our local music and that of Youtube. so much so, that the App itself will recommend YouTube videos based on the local content stored on our smartphone or tablet.

With this application, we can have a great control over our lists of reproduction, organizing them by genre, mood or any other personal criteria and with the possibility of reorder both the YouTube playlists and the local playlists, create favorites and even share those lists and songs.

Another interesting feature of AT Player is its voice recognition service that will help us find a song within YouTube, (something similar to what Soundhound does) and that will also suggest similar songs. This recognition service works even when we play local files, so we can watch the video of our favorite song without having to look for it.

AT Player: a complete music player for Youtube

As we have said, AT Player manages to comply with the Google Policy, and that is why when we switch to another application, we will always have a small screen floating player e, to the extent that this application includes its own lock screen destined so that we can stop using the device (and avoid false pulsations) while the video is still running, with the possibility of saving battery along the way if our device has an OLED screen, since the size of the video is adjustable.

AT Player: a complete music player for Youtube

In addition to this lock screen, we can also save something battery (or take care of our eyes) using the dark mode , something quite useful when we use AT Player at night.

To finish, we show you other very useful features that can be found within this application:

  • Customizable equalizer (by default the music is equalized by genre)
  • Scrobbling with
  • Recovery of the lyrics of the songs
  • Automatic backup copies of playlists
  • Markers
  • Setting sleep times
  • Musical alarm clock

As you can see, it is difficult to miss some function, and we think it’s very smart how its developers get to “skirt” Google’s policy to make a legal application that is as close to listening to YouTube in the background.

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By the way, although this application offered some features prior payment, now it is completely free , although that does include advertising at the beginning of each session and when moving through the playlists, but it is not too intrusive. It is worth taking a look.

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