Asked 2: the most famous trivial of Android can now be downloaded

Asked 2: the most famous trivial of Android can now be downloaded

and now Asked 2 can now be downloaded in the Play Store.

Asked 2 is an evolution of the first game , since it respects the bases that gave such success to the title and adds a series of novelties focused on the social part that improve the game experience, as well as a renewed design. Although the official launch, as

The main novelty of the game are its interface and updated graphics , which offer a new design. Following the same mechanics as the first delivery, in this new version the victories will mean that the user wins crowns that will allow them to level up, until they reach level 240 . In this way, other users of the same category can be faced online, so the games against players with a much higher level will be eliminated to boost competitiveness.

New game modes

Asked 2 adds new game modes to increase the user experience. Among them is the incorporation of the Duel mode of Torres , where users must carry out a strategy to face the games, which last six minutes and the goal is for the players to build the highest tower in this period of time . The players will meet in a duel in which they will have to answer a series of questions in different categories, counting each one with ten attempts .

Logically, the user who wins the victory in more categories takes the final duel. Players can also create their own team to compete and go up in the rankings. In this modality lives can be transferred between the different members of the team to continue competing, in addition to obtaining gold bars, the new currency of the game.

In addition, leveling also offers a number of advantages for players, such as collecting characters or winning many prizes . Asked 2 you can download for Android and iOS for free .

Download Asked 2

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