ARM presents Cortex A76 cores: more power and autonomy for mobile phones


ARM today announced the next evolution of the ARM architecture for processors. We talk about ARM Cortex A76 , the microarchitecture that we will soon see in the processors of the future high gam smartphones to. And it is that the chips with ARM Cortex A76 promise to be up to 35% more powerful and 40% more efficient that the current architecture ARM Cortex A75 that we can see now, for example, in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 .

Technology continues to evolve and these improvements have a direct impact on users. In the case of the semiconductor market, and more specifically in the case of smartphones, these improvements mean that we have more and more powerful mobile phones, which heat up less and in turn spend less energy. That is the case of the new core ARM Cortex A76, a microarchitecture that sees optimized the results of the previous generation, ARM Cortex A75.

Cortex A76, more powerful and efficient cores

ARM has presented today the evolution of its ARM architecture, which determines in some way the technological base of the main processors mounted by the smartphone manufacturers. ARM presents Cortex A76 cores: more power and autonomy for mobile phones

In this case, we talk about ARM Cortex A76 , a microarchitecture that arrives with quite striking novelties on paper. Without going too deep on a technical level, the arrival of cores ARM Cortex A76 of high performance will precisely offer up to 35% more power against the values ​​offered by the previous architecture ARM Cortex A75 .

Similarly, ARM ensures that the energy efficiency It will be another of the pillars of the new generation of processors that will arrive during the next year. In technical terms, the chip will consume up to 40% less energy .

The key to these improvements would have to be sought, among other reasons, in the seven nanometer manufacturing process . This debugging at the structural level of the chip is what will enable the ARM Cortex A76 cores to reach working frequencies up to 3 GHz . ARM presents Cortex A76 cores: more power and autonomy for mobile phones

GPU AMR Mali G76

In turn, ARM has announced the next generation of graphic processors , the ARM Mali G76 . This new chip has been specified to be 50% more powerful than the previous generation AMR Mali G72 and 40% more efficient in the 4K video decoding at 120 fps , although technically he will be trained to offer 8K video at 60fps .

In comparative terms, perhaps we can understand in a simpler way the improvement that the ARM Cortex A76 cores can bring if we compare it with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 platform . This chip, which is currently one of the most powerful on the market, bases its architecture precisely on cores ARM Cortex A75. Specifically, Qualcomm makes use of cores Kryo 385 , its optimized version. It is also interesting to note that the Snapdragon 845 is manufactured in a 10-nanometer process.

When will the first processors with ARM Cortex A76 cores arrive? ARM has not offered details in this regard, but it is expected that the times and adaptation processes of the semiconductor manufacturers that make use of the architecture are similar to those adopted to integrate the ARM Cortex A75. Thus, if the premise is met, it would mean an average time of about five or six months, so the first mobile phones with this type of processor could reach the beginning of 2019.

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