ARK: Survived Evolved is now available for Android

ARK: Survived Evolved is now available for Android

While Battle Royale games are starting to take over the market gaming Today, there are always deliveries that contribute something different, and today we have to talk about a game with which we had a lot of hype, and that just came to Android . Survival is fashionable, and not only can it take the form of battle royale.

It’s about ARK: Survived Evolved, one of the best survival games you’ll find now , so let’s tell you what it is about and where you can download it for your Android mobile.

This is ARK: Survived Evolved

ARK: Survived Evolved is now available for Android

The game weighs something practically 2 GB, which already lets us see that it is not a minor delivery. ARK: Survived Evolved is a game of pure survival, in which we move to the time of the dinosaurs , with which we will have to live, hunt and ride. The control system is simple and intuitive, and will allow us to interact with the game in an easy way.

Definitely, the graphic section is one of its forts , and is that the game is designed for devices with some graphic power, something that should not worry too much in the current times, since even the mid-range has good GPUs. The game will have a collaborative mode , in which we can join tribes to play against other players.

The best part of the game is that it’s totally free , although you will have to deal with advertising. If you do not want to do it, you only have to pay the monthly fee they ask for, with which you can also choose the server from which you play. We recommend you to install this game, as it is a delivery that will not leave anyone indifferent, and that will surely make you enjoy for hours and hours.

And you, have you already downloaded ARK for your Android mobile?

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