ARK Survival Evolved is closer to Android

ARK Survival Evolved is closer to Android

It seems to be, that is pretty fashionable bring the most popular PC games to our Android devices . We saw it a few days ago with the news that Fornite Battle Royale is about to reach our mobiles , and with other recent ones today, referring to PUBG Mobile is now available on Android .

Today, we come with good news for lovers of hunting games. ARK Survival Evolved is already in development for our operating system, and we have your trailer so you can see it. Let’s have a good eye!

One of the most popular hunting games will come to Android

Ark Survival Evolved is a popular Steam game. It is a game mechanic very similar to Monster Hunter , but in this case, it is totally focused on Prehistory, and we will try to hunt dinosaurs, apart from the typical collection of materials. What is most striking about this type of games is that when they arrive at Android, they will do it with a graphic level very similar to that of desktop platforms .

We are in a moment, in which even the mid-range Android phones are able to move games with high graphics , and is that the processors have come to incorporate incredible graphics units, and the average RAM varies between 3 and 4 GB. There is still no date for this delivery to see the light, but as we read in VentureBeat , at least, we know that it is in process , and that will be practically a port of the PC version.

So, wait until one of the best hunting games come to our Android platform, so we can start enjoying it.

And you, are you in favor of computer games reaching our Android phones?

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