Are the iPhone X cases for the new iPhone XS useful?


What are the released to the market last year? Few. We already know that, at least as regards the design of the terminal. At the hardware level we must highlight the presence of the A12 Bionic chip, a longer battery life and slight improvements applied to the phone’s camera. But if on the outside the mobiles are the same … does that mean that the iPhone X covers for the new iPhone XS ?

The only external feature that integrates the iPhone XS with respect to the iPhone X is the IP68 protection that protects the smartphone from dust and splashes and allows to submerge the new Apple phone to a depth of two meters, something that we strongly invite you not to test . Beyond this subtle difference, both the iPhone X and the iPhone XS have the same dual rear camera, a system of unlocking by Face ID, a screen OLEd of 5.8 inches Super Retina and the classic volume buttons, blocking and silence.

To know if the covers of the iPhone X will serve us in the , we must take a look at the dimensions of both phones.

Dimensions of iPhone X and iPhone XS

By means of this infographic, taken from the same page of Apple, we can play to find the differences in the dimensions and weight of the iPhone XS with respect to the iPhone X. Effectively, both measure the same (143.6 x 70.9 x 7, 7 mm) and the only thing that distinguishes the two terminals is their weight, as the new device weighs 2 grams more than the We assume that these 3 grams of difference have their explanation in the half hour over battery life promised by Apple in its new top of the range.

Are the iPhone X cases for the new iPhone XS useful?

Dimensions iPhone x (left) and iPhone XS (right)

Going to sellers of covers of recognized prestige we see that this increase in weight does not affect at all when using the iPhone X cases on the iPhone XS , in fact, stores like Case Mate already sells cases that are compatible with both models of the signature of Cupertino. This will be a relief for those who despite the lack of news of the iPhone Xs compared to the previous generation, will want to change their phone and use the same covers as in the iPhone X.

Are the iPhone X cases for the new iPhone XS useful?

Of course, beyond the covers and covers, the iPhone X screen protectors are also 100% compatible with the iPhone XS , since the panel is the same. An advantage for sellers of this type of iPhone accessories.

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